On the right side of the screen, the Blank Presentation will give you exactly what the name says: a screen that's blank except for a content placeholder, and has no formatting.
To apply the formatting from a template in the Windows version of PowerPoint, click the Design tab. In Windows, if you roll the mouse over any of the samples, you'll get a live preview of the presentation with the theme applied. To see some alternate formats for the theme you chose, do the same in the Variants section on the right. If you click the Down Arrow of the Variants list, you can choose different color schemes, fonts, effects and background styles for the template you just chose. In the Mac version, the buttons for Colors, Fonts and Backgrounds are on the right side of the ribbon, in the Theme Options section. The Windows and Mac versions have different themes and other formatting options, but if you bring a Windows PowerPoint file onto a Mac or vice versa, the design and colors will remain intact. To create a second-level bullet, use the Tab key: press Enter to get a third line and a new bullet, then immediately press Tab. At any time, you can go to a slide, click at the beginning of a line of text and press Tab or Shift-Tab to increase or decrease the outline level.
When you're done typing the last bullet, again press Ctrl-Enter (Command-Option-Return on the Mac) to get another slide. Now click the thumbnail for the third slide (second bullet slide) and apply the same animations.
Click inside the thumbnail area, then select all by pressing Ctrl-A (Command-A on the Mac)Click the Transitions tab on the ribbon, then choose a transition from the list. Bob FlisserBob Flisser has authored many videos and books about Microsoft and Adobe products, and has been a computer trainer since the 1980s. Airmail PowerPoint Template is a free PPT template design that you can download for presentations on postal mail or airmail.
Free airmail template for PowerPoint 2010 and 2013 comes with two unique and original slide designs ready to make your PPT presentations.

PowerPoint® is registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation and this site do not have any relationship with Microsoft Corp. Although the intended use of Microsoft PowerPoint is to create virtual slideshows for presentations, keynotes and the like, the software does have a few tricks in the box that can be used to your advantage in ways that you didn't know were even possible.
Oh, but first things first: this guide assumes Office 2007, which means all our steps are going to be centered around the ribbon interface.
You don't want to fill your powerpoints up with too much information or the audience won't be able to sort it all out. There's some really helpful information in here that's beneficial to anyone using PowerPoint. It was given to me by a frneid, Lisa Grossman.I have been taking care of my 91 yr old Grandmother she was diagnosed with Lewy Body Dementia approx. It might look a tad different, depending on which version you're using, but if you have PowerPoint 2007 or later, anything you see here that isn't exactly the same on your computer will at least be similar.
To see several rows of templates, in Windows click the Down Arrow on the right side of the list, and on the Mac, roll the mouse pointer over the themes to see a down arrow just under the list. Fonts may or may not come through OK, depending on what fonts are installed on the machine. After you type the title, with the text cursor still at the end of the line, press Ctrl-Enter (Command-Option-Return on the Mac) to put the text cursor in the subtitle box, and type. You can create a bullet list or you can click one of the six symbols in the middle to insert a table, image or other type of media. As with a title slide, press Ctrl-Enter (Command-Option-Return on the Mac) to put the text cursor before the first bullet.Type an item and press Enter to get another bullet. Use Shift with the Tab key: press Enter to get another second level item, then press Shift-Tab to bring the cursor back to the left margin.
In Windows, it's in the lower, right corner of PowerPoint, and on the Mac, the button is in the lower, left corner. When you're on the last slide or the black screen, advancing to the next slide will exit the show, as if you pressed Esc.

This PPT template has a nice envelope image as a PPT background and you can download this PPT template for Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 presentations as a free premium template design for MS Office.
We are an independent website offering free presentation solutions and free PowerPoint backgrounds for presentations. One such trick, for example, is to export presentations as web pages for use as a presentation delivery method -- but why stop there? Here are a few simple tips to help you with your business presentation using Microsoft Powerpoint.
At the bottom of the list, click Open Other Presentations to open one that isn't in this list. And if you prefer, you can create the content first, then apply the formatting later, since PowerPoint themes make it easy to tweak the design of your entire presentation without changing your content. In this project, we are going to turn this feature on its head and use it for an altogether different purpose -- one more befitting of an HTML file.
I too have found a few private care people and an adult day care that I can take her to for some respite for myself. It's been around since 1987, comes included with every copy of Microsoft Office, and for better or worse is the app that powers most of the presentations you've ever seen. You have to click one and apply it to see how it'll look, but you can always undo (press Command-Z). All the fancy features and animation take some more time to learn, but this tutorial will at least get you started. We will create a new presentation, apply basic formatting, type some text, and run a simple slide show.

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