Dashboards have become quite popular in the last few years and in spite of all the Business Intelligence software products that provide dashboards, a lot of dashboards are still implemented with Microsoft Excel.
First have our raw data ready in a separate sheet, this is the easy step, you know how to get your data in to one sheet. Assign the scroll bar control to a cell right click on it and select format control option. Finally write OFFSET() formula to display any consecutive 10 values in our scrollable table: OFFSET is used on the dashboard to bring back those 10 lines from the sheet with the raw data that are selected by using the scroll bar. What a shame Maximum Value can't be set as a formula so it would dynamically count the no of entries in your source data. I guess you could set it to 999 and then use conditional formatting to hide the ugly zero entries.
Yes you are right: you can’t link the maximum value of a forms scroll bar from to a cell reference. Probably the better way would be to use a small vba routine to set the maximum of the scroll bar. Whenever the dashboard is activated, vba will change the maximum of the scroll bar according to the value calculated in cell calculation!D6 (=number of data rows minus number of items displayed on dashboard +1). The effect: When scrolling down, the displayed data will stop at the last row of the raw data.
I am able to create a dashboard but the issue I am facing is that all the data is coming in the first row of my dashboard one by one when i scroll down.I wrote the offset formula in the first row only.Could this be a reason?? You are right: the cell D6 on the calculation sheet is calculating the maximum value of the scrollbar on the dashboard. Having 100 items in the original table and 10 items in the dashboard table, you can scroll down until the scroll bar value is 91 and the dashboard excerpt displays the rows 91, 92, 93, … 100 of the original table. But the scrollbar maximum is not linked to the cell D6 on the calculation sheet, because Excel does not allow you to link the parameters of a scrollbar to a cell reference. The result of cell D6 on the calculation sheet is used in the formula of cell E16 of the dashboard.
I am not sure that I understood your problem correctly: You are using months instead of the product names. If so, the month will be at the end of the list, since the sorting algorithm is sorting by descending order and if you are having positive values only, the month will be the last on the dashboard. How did you change the font color to red for negative #s in Data form "dashboard-table-scroll"?
I considered myself a knowledgeable excel 2003 person until I found your site: your work is tremendously helpful. Note: If you have only paid a partial amount of your bill, a message will appear stating that the remaining balance is due on a certain date. Symantec, the Symantec Logo, the Checkmark Logo, and Norton, Norton 360 and Norton by Symantec are registered trademarks of Symantec Corporation ©2014 Symantec Corporation. I Can Make A Mess Like Nobody's BusinessI Can Make A Mess Like Nobody's Business is a side project started by Arthur "Ace" Enders, the lead singer, lyricist and guitarist for The Early November. On July 9th, 2007, Ace announced a few headlining shows for his new project, Ace Enders and a Million Different People.
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Basically when you sign up you will be shown how to start a niche marketing website to promote a hobby or product you are passionate about. I would opt for the passionate route as answering questions and writing content comes so much easier.
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You can join wealthy affiliate today for FREE this gives you access to two websites and all the training. However after seven days you will no longer have access to the community feeds so at that point you can either continue to learn on your own or upgrade to premium membership for $19 initially for the first month before it goes up to $47 per month. Once you have seen the power of the training and the community you will know that the price is right. This is a very awesome review of Wealthy Affiliate, were I not a member already I would totally join from you. I’ve joined several Online Business programs before but I kept on jumping from one after another until I found WA.
Great article on Wealthy Affiliate as it is very detailed and incorporated all important information. I know there are more improvements on the way also as the guys never stop thinking up ways to improve the user experience and training guides.
Hey Marcy, thanks for stopping by, I agree the online community at Wealthy Affiliate are exceptional, I have used them time and time again to work out solutions to many problems I had when starting out. Now that I am more experienced I lend a helping hand to new users when they get stuck, passing on the support is all part of the community ethos at Wealthy Affiliate. Its GREAT for brain storming too, if you are undecided about a certain way to go just pop up a question and let the users give you their thoughts. Hi, this is a fair review of Wealthy Affiliate, all mentioned what is necessary to mention, visitors will be informed about WA.
Hey Jovo, the reason to use this TITLE is to gain natural traffic from users looking to find out if Wealthy Affiliate is a SCAM or not. You would be surprised how many people who put in scam as part of their search term to find out about a product, I know I do. Affiliate marketing can work if you have enough traffic or highly targeted traffic, but in our niche there are so many affiliate programs it can be an easy way to waste time. Yes Robert there is that danger, you can get bogged down trying out new products and new promotions.
Very GOOD review of Wealthy Affiliate, I am a member of the said program and everything written here is on point. It takes lots of elbow grease and persistent work to get to a point were you can make a passive income.
Those who are a) lucky enough and b) have the required work ethos can make it real big in time.
Hey Tejas another members view, it really is the top place to learn all about online business and the fact you can join wealthy affiliate for FREE is the icing on the cake.
Yes Colm the WA online business community is worth checking out (I have made so many friends), never mind the great training and tutorials. Thanks for the compliment Bill, I do not like giving people a lot of false hope, I like to tell them how it is and how you can make a living from the internet or at least some extra income.
That is good to hear Dominic, keep moving forward and write more content you will find your clickbank account looks fuller as time moves on. Very good review and you really help people by understanding how they might be feeling right now. The only thing that differs from millions of other numeric tables in Excel is the slider scroll-bar between the names of the items and the data. Still means users will see scroll through blank rows at the end of the data but maybe I could live with that. The result of the formula was used to control one of the two small triangles on top and at the bottom of the scroll bar. To be on the safe side you would have to use a rather high maximum value for the scroll bar. The slider of the scroll bar would indicate that you can still scroll down (actually you can, but the displayed data do not change anymore).
Actually adding bar charts with additional lines to the dashboard will be the topic of the 4th post of this little series. If it still does not work in your file, you might want to download the excel file (see above) and have a look at the way it is done there. Its only purpose is to display the little black triangle beneath the scrollbar to indicate whether or not you are still able to scroll down or not.
Use the dashboard scroll bar to scroll down to the end of the list and check wether the month is down there. Not only can you host your websites but you can train on all aspects online like, affiliating, social, PPC, eBay, e-commerce and many more.
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There are discussion rooms where you can ask any question you like about the process you are going through. There is a live chat feed where there is usually a few members about who can help with a question or direct you to a training session or tutorial.

If you post to any of these most members will get a message showing them the question and usually several will come back with help. These are recorded and stored in the libraries for future viewing if you are in a different time zone or unavailable. In fact the website is so vast it will take you a long time to learn everything that it has to offer. At present there are over two hundred and eighty thousand 280,000 members (Jan 2015) so knowing them all is absurd but there are a number who patrol the boards frequently and you will get to know them. Its a great way to get a quick answer if stuck and you don’t want to wait for a discussion question to be answered. You can of course choose something you are not informed about but that only leads to extra work in research. It takes less time and you can post more work on a regular basis so your site gets noticed sooner and ranked better. Its a complete step by step guide with no experience required and when you follow it to completion you will have a website that generates revenue without any doubt. I love reading your review, it made me fall in love with WA all over again – the amazing community, the immersing lessons, the awesome website builder and hosting and even that keyword tool all for a very affordable price. Mark, there is so many online platform that guides affiliate marketing but how would you stand tall Wealthy Affiliate among all. You get all the up to date training, access to seasoned marketers, hosting for 50 websites, and live chat all for less than the price of a coffee a day. Kyle and Carson are always striving to move it forward and the improvements to the Wealthy Affiliate platform that have happened since I joined have been second to none. You will be surprised on the advice and possible ways to go you didn’t even think about.
I am showing that it is not so they get their answer plus my personal experiences with the platform. There is always someone lurking around the corner trying to scam folks out of their hard earned cash. I am finally glad to find a place where they will honestly show me how to make money online.
There is something for everyone, it doesn’t matter what your niche is someone will be able to help, advise or critique your work and guide you into a making money direction.
People are no longer easily duped into buying bogus products so tell it like is it and you will go further. Although thanks to help I got at Wealthy Affiliate, my clickbank account does get sales, which is more than any other thing I’ve seen ever did for me. If you can get into the mind set that people are searching the internet for answers and you then provide a website with those answers they are more likely to buy products from you than somewhere else. This scroll-bar allows the user of the dashboard to walk through the whole list and see all items without leaving the dash-board. Every week you will receive an Excel tip, tutorial, template or example delivered to your inbox. The user would scroll down to empty parts of the list without knowing where the real list ends and he would not be able get to the end of the real list quickly. I haven’t mentioned the triangles in the post because they are not important and not really necessary for the technique. This is why I have put this review together to let you know all about the platform so you too can get an online revenue stream. Over the past year I have made quite a few connections and have access to some really clever marketers who can hand out a bit of advice quickly if I need it.
In fact as I signed up for a year under the Black Friday deal I get it for less than a dollar a day. If I am an ordinary visitor (which I am not, I am the member of WA), I would see the title and leave.
If you are thinking you can join and put up a few posts and start making money then its not for you.
WA is the real deal and a haven in the online world for people getting started in online business. Kyle suggested I studied two classrooms until I was happy with my progress before moving on. What more, as a joining bonus, I am giving away a 25 page eBook containing 95 Excel tips & tricks. All they are doing is giving the user additional information whether he has reached the top or the bottom of the scroll bar.
After buying into a few of these get rich schemes early on myself and getting nowhere I decided to educate myself into the world of online marketing and build something I can earn from with a little bit of effort and commitment.
If you are still unsure there are loads of members able to assist and answer question and advise how to progress with your plan. He is so correct I saved a lot of time and have built up my productivity and starting to see better results. If it sounded that easy, I actually wondered why some affiliate bloggers never also published such on their blogs.
But what if the user of your dashboard wants to scroll down the table and see the rest of the data?
With all these points explained, I guess I’d have to give some good use to that platform. But this is not convenient, not user-friendly, insecure and not the purpose of a dashboard.

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