Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. KOMMANET Instruction D o c u m e n t How to make a “Company Profile”When to send the company profileTiming is very important. Title QUALITY Title CAPACITYDescription Policy (From your ISO manual) Description Yearly outputText Text State your test facilities and equipment Utilisation rate Reserved capacity for exports Range of sizes Maximum pressures, weights, sizes etc. Title REFERENCES (CLIENTELE)Description Give any name, which is internationally recognisedText without causing a conflict. Introduction speech is basically your first interaction with people at a new place and you have to be fully prepared to get the desired outcome. Also drink water before going to the stage as it will moisturise your throat and your voice will be clear while speaking in front of an audience. Make sure you have someone who could make the crowd silent before you start your introduction speech as it will help you in getting their full attention.
Since you are not delivering a speech for winning a competition, make sure your tone is conversational and friendly.
The idea behind it is to convince your potential customer to rely on you bygiving him relevant information in a stage where he has to evaluate your offer. Used materialsExplanation Make sure you are at par with the international Explanation Clearly state your in-house capacity and the requirements and expectations.
The first impression holds a paramount importance and in a similar fashion, delivering an introduction speech also creates a strong impact on the audience.

You do not have to be a perfect speaker for making a good introduction speech as you can do it simply by preparing yourself in a reasonable manner. Taking a piece of paper with you for introducing yourself will create a bad impression and people might think that you are not competent enough to even let them know who you are.
Never allow any feeling of hesitation to overcome your speech and try to think like you are talking to people you know. You can say something relevant to the audience that would be helpful in making them attentive. Wait by making a final version until you have met with some European customersand know their preferences.Make sure that sending this “Company Profile” is made an integral part of your approachstrategy and test its effectiveness. Give only numbers where your export include you in future inquiries if your performance people can be reached. Use this page also subcontracting activities under your control to mention about your concern for the environment and safety and working conditions of your people.Notes Also mention your other certifications and approvals Notes Also mention the present subcontracting like for Products (API, Lloyds Register, Bureau percentage and spare capacity Veritas, ABS, TUV, AD Merkblatter) National or client approvals or accreditations are not recognised in Europe and have very little value. However, it is a bit tricky to create a desired impact on the listeners by delivering an introduction speech as many people get nervous.
You just need to pay attention to a few things which will help you getting a favourable response from the audience. Do not forget that there is a wide gap to bridge beforecreating the first realistic chance to book an order. But those who know how to do it properly always create a strong impact and earn respect of their peers at the new place.

The “CompanyProfile” increases your value compared to your competitors by influencing positively thedecision of your potential customer to start business with you. With this “Company Profile” you have atool to approach him once more but in a positive contributing manner. So be very precise and clear and write what the potential customer is looking for.Notes Only mention registered offices or production Notes Also include standards followed and materials used. The impression a potentialcustomer has about your organization is strongly influenced by the way you have fulfilledhis expectations. You will only score when you exceed them.ContentThe content of your company profile should include or contain introduction, company data,structure and infrastructure. Most importantly you need to clearly and professionallypresent your products, capacity, equipment, quality policy, experience, financialstatements, short and long term plans and good references.
It is also professional topresent your company using a mission statement.Presentation and sizeAs your “company profile” represents your company, it is absolutely essential to prepare itprofessionally. This includes a good layout, no typing errors, laser printing on quality paperand proper coloring and structuring. Put yourself in theposition of your potential customer and only include information that you think he wouldlike to know to enable him to do the business with you.

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