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At the Gala[4][5] or The Gala Song[6] is a song from The Best Night Ever, and a sound-alike for Stephen Sondheim's "Ever After" and the title song from the musical Into the Woods. The song has been released as a sing-a-long on the DVD My Little Pony Friendship is Magic: Season One Disc 4. It is the first track on the Songs of Friendship and Magic soundtrack album, under the title At the Gala Song.
True True Friend Winter Wrap-Up • Dance Magic • It's a Pony Kind of Christmas • Jingle Bells • Deck the Halls • We Wish You a Merry Christmas • Silent Night • Twelve Days of Christmas • Last Year I Got Coal for Christmas • Jolly Ol' St. If the tune she’s asking for is completely out of sync with the music theme or policy for that night, then politely explain to her that it’s not the moment for that track to be played. This can be a bit delicate because he’s really drunk and a bit aggressive sometimes and you don’t want beer on your new DJ kit. This is one of those occasions where with hindsight you should never have agreed to play their track in the first place. Want more like this?Join 100,000 Digital DJ Tips members and get access to free training, our friendly forum, plus twice-weekly emails with the best of our tutorials, reviews and DJ news. I remember one party where someone requested a tune and I obliged, only to have them come up to me just after I had played it to ask me again. For me a polite lie works most of the time: "Great tune, I'm not sure if I have it with me though.
I got so sick of being invited to play something "cool" and ended up with a crowd that only wanted what MTV and Top 40 radio played.
That said I have various levels of house from the most underground to a commercial level I can stand an enjoy playing but don't ask for "Guetta" please. Once a bar owner that hired me to try "something new" came to the booth and told me about playing the bar's top 40 records for the rest of the night. I told him to play himself while I waited outside the bar for the night to finish to get my money which from he made a discount because I didn't play the whole night. About the requests you are overthinking it: My aproach is that if I have the track that they demand I will play it at the right momment cause if I have it it's beacause I like it and fits the set, I don't carry crap "just in case" cause I won't play it anyway. In my mind, if I can't play the music the way I want and build the vibe I want, then it's a waste of my time. I always found the funniest thing was when girls try to make requests to big name headliners. I DJ at this little venue in Iowa City, IA from time to time, and when I play, it's ALWAYS techno, house, and some electro.
I tell him that he's in the wrong place tonight if he wants hip-hop, because i'm 2 and a half hours deep in a set and there's 200+ people on the dancefloor.
Another thing I have regularly is someone that asks genre switch right after I switched ("can you play this or that style ?"). After 15 years residency in a local club, I am so fed up of requests that I now have a sheet of paper explaining why I don't do requests anymore. I do leave myself wide open to these because, i use a digital sign asking people to txt request to me, I do use the numbers to follow up afterwards, offering 10% discount if they book me within the next 12 months.
About the Author: Ben Drohan is the original founding partner and creator of DJ Master Course. Music from this song is used on the Hub Network's Royal Wedding site's Main Menu as well as in their games Rarity's Bridal Boutique and DJ Pinkie Pie.
It also serves as the fourth track of side B on the vinyl album Magical Friendship Tour, as well as the ninth track of the My Little Pony 2015 Convention Collection. They’ll hesitate, look at you then back at their friend, then sidle off, red-faced, knowing they’ve been rumbled.3.

Girl (and friend) who keep coming back and insisting you play their music"What do you mean, You don't know our tunes? Be friendly about it.However, if you have a fairly open music policy night, and only a few people are dancing or nobody at all, then why not agree to play a tune for them?
Instead, get into the habit of returning their question back to them as soon as they ask it. Maybe they always got whatever they wanted from their parents and think they can coast through life throwing tantrums when they don’t get what they want right away.If they react this way, then I advise to simply not play their track at all, all night. Person who thinks you’re a jukebox and orders musicSome people who approach you may start by asking about how the night is going, then they might say that they liked a tune you played about half an hour ago.
Instead of giving this person your full attention, start concentrating on your music or ask the bar person for a drink, or go and get one.
She had no recollection of making the request in the first place or even hearing it when I played it! And it's also fun when you tease the crowd by mixing in a loop or something very vaguely and they recognize it in there subconscious mind and come asking for it.
Asks for a song that's just been played, and when you tell him it's just been played, obliviously begs you to play it! Girl who asks for a song, you smile and say you don't have it, she steps back and gazes at you in shocking disgust with an upset and aggravated ugly face that could melt metal, and hovers there for a while speechless. This drunk fratboy comes stumbling up to the booth, and demands (literally, DEMANDS) that I play him some old school hip-hop. He danced like there was no tomorrow, loving every minute, then came up thanked me said he had had a great night, but it was The Courteeners song not Emma Bunton that he wanted.
The idea is to think of creative ways you can mix tracks together building the energy and vibe with in the mix. As with the Hush Now Lullaby and You Got to Share, You Got to Care, the MP3 file used by the DJ game classifies the music as belonging to the blues genre.[9] The song is also included in the My Little Pony Live Show. In the album version of the song, Twilight's line "I can't believe we're finally here!", etc.
Don’t play her track immediately, though, or she’ll think you’re soft and come back every five minutes to keep requesting more songs.Make her work to get her sole request of the night granted.
Her perseverance is so tenacious that you’ll be tempted to play her tune just to shut her up.
So ask him where he mixes.If he brushes that aside by saying "oh, I play at parties, you know" and keeps being a pest and interrupting you too often, then explain to him that tonight it’s you on the decks, and you decide.
This should deflate the person who’s convinced you’re a human jukebox and calm them down a bit.Then get back to your set and concentrate on relaxing and making people enjoy the music.
I'm still looking for places to play in my town but the only thing I will play is house, take it or leave it.
It was "stacies mom" by fountains of Wayne, needless to say, played this song and everyone just ran to the dancefloor, it was a phenomenal reaction. Becoming a professional DJ requires perfecting the art of a DJ mix and nothing helps more than practice, especially in the beginning when you are learning. They’ll never be able to give them.While they stand there with their mouth open, unable to give you specific track or even artist names, continue with your set. But don’t get irate with this guy, he probably doesn’t mean harm.Explain if he wants to mix at that venue himself, then he should ask. After all, only if people decide to ask you nicely should you consider listening to them.10. Put on your headphones and look away from people who you don’t want to talk to if you have to.Be open to playing a request if it feels right. Here’s a little about creating a good DJ mix to help get you started.What is a DJ Mix?A DJ mix is typically performed live to an audience at a nightclub or at a party. But my take on requests and people who approach the DJ booth is that you should treat them case by case. Just make sure she dances with all of her friends if you agree to her request so you get something back in return.2. Pic: The StrangerOne of the most common requesters is a drunk guy who is fixated on one tune that has nothing to do with the music you’re playing. Wait until you get one.She’ll get people on her side, she’ll eventually do anything to make you fold.

Person who asks for something but never knows whatThis kind of requester can make you bang your head on the wall. They’ll never remember and they’ll hopefully eventually get escorted away by one of their embarrassed friends. When they start with that shit i just tell them "so why aren't you booked today in that big gig?".
Being open to requests can sometimes even help you if you’re having an off night or playing at a new venue that you don’t know so well.However, being too soft and playing anything anyone asks for is the ultimate way to ruin your set and look weak and foolish. It’s a tune that you could never play in any club or party, anywhere.Generally, this guy will have heard this tune a few days ago and will have fallen in love with it. The best, indeed probably only, way to deal with it is to smile, concentrate on your mix, headphones on, looking through your tunes. They’ll ask you for something from the 80s, or they’ll ask for commercial chart house, or something random.But the thing is, they have no idea what. Otherwise, be honest and just tell people if you don’t think a tune is right for the night. It is a succession of musical tracks mixed together to form one continuous track.To create a DJ mix you will need a DJ mixer and two input devices such as vinyl turntables, or CD decks. It’s one of the most common ways of people asking for a tune. They think you’ll refuse any tune they ask for, so they pretend it’s their friend’s birthday to get you to agree. So now, in his drunken state, he thinks you should play it.He is pretty annoying too, coming back and repeating himself, sometimes swearing if you don’t play it. Never play music that’s just blatantly wrong unless the person paying your wages asks you to.If you do agree to play a tune then apart from in exceptional circumstances, you should play it. So from my experience, here are 10 types of people who tend to approach the DJ booth, and how to deal with them.1. Even when he gets distracted by a girl and goes away, he’ll eventually come back and ask again.You’ll tell him you don’t have the tune. The Latin music requesterIf you're playing in a Latin country, or a Latin night, this probably doesn't apply to you. Person who gets annoyed when you agree to a request but don’t play their tune right awayYou agreed to play the tune, you didn't agree to play it right away.
Get the requester and their friends to dance if you agree to a request.• Matt Challands is a DJ living in Paris, France. The flirty girlThe flirty girl trick can work on male DJs, but try not to agree to play something you rather wouldn't.
If someone's used to getting their own way all the time, that's not your problem.Every now and then you’re nice enough to agree to a track request and the person who asked for it just stands there and waits by your booth afterwards.
He’s one half of electro duo Sao Paulo Punks and runs a DJ blog.Do you accept requests when you're DJing? It will be more something like "man you are the boss tonight and you know what you should play but if you could please play this song that i like, just if it fits your set". You could even give the mix a funky name to help yourself and others remember it if you choose.Tips to Create a Good MixDJing is all about the different energy levels you create with in certain parts of your mix. Guess what they want to hear?Yep, whether you’re playing electro, house, hip hop or rock and indie they’ll come right up to you asking for Latin music.
In fact, what they know about music is summed up nicely in their 20 seconds of blank expression that follows. Do you think it's a DJs job to play requests or do you believe that the DJ should be left alone to do their job?
It will give you an idea about the kind of music the regulars prefer and give you a sense of familiarity when you perform.Next, you will have to know your role for the evening – are you the the opening DJ or are you the guest DJ? If you don’t have the answer, prepare for both.If you are the warm up DJ, don’t go out there and smash out all your biggest tracks.
You job is to set up the mood and vibe of the dance floor ready for the guest DJ whose job is to bring the house down.
Do not under estimate the importance of your role as the support DJ, if you do it right the right people will take notice and before you know it you’ll be the guest DJ.How to Make a DJ MixGoing back to the beginning, never stop learning and practice as often as you can because you never know when a good opportunity might come your way.

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