I recently spotted a sensational bouquet of paper flowers inside my favorite (and the ultimate) boutique for creative inspiration, Castles In The Air.
Working with the outer color first, gradually trim down the length of each sheet in 1-2 inch increments. I suggest peeling forward every other or every two strips to give the flower a more organic look.
Goodness your DIYs have that soooooothing effect, just scrolling through how you do it and all that… and that last photo just makes the day.
Ahh this is great, i tried a similar version of this with fabric but got it completely wrong this is so much more helpful! Oh my…this totally reminds me of a princess costume my mom made for me out of crepe paper when I was 6!! Thank you for the lovely and vibrating smile that came along with this beautiful post of yours. Pull the strips completely apart (this will make the flower puffier) and place one color on top of the other. Stick the end of your strip near the top of your double-stick tape, and begin wrapping it around the wire.  Attach the end with some hot glue (you can squirt some down inside the hole as well if you want). Cut 5 triangle strips from the Frog Tape and stick them to the stem and the flower in a circle to form the calyx.

A combination of Mexican paper flowers and those ever so popular tissue paper pom poms, these vibrant and cheerful flowers make perfect ornaments for any celebration.
The folds should measure about 2-3 inches thick and should be creased along the natural, horizontal lines of the crepe paper. Don’t worry about the folds being absolutely perfect!
Again, don’t worry about being too precise – irregularity will make the flower look more natural!
Lay the sheets on top of each other with the largest, outer color on the very bottom and the smallest, innermost color on top. And remember to constantly fan out the bundle since some strips may be tucked away between other layers. Though you might have to adjust some of the petals, the flower will naturally take it’s own shape.
I’ve actually seen quite a few folks rocking these homemade flowers in their weddings. They remind me of the big paper flowers that I used to get at the gift shop in the amusement park I went to as a kid! I will be using a smaller version of this (one that fits a scrapbooking page) for my next project! Cut a 4-5″ strip of tape, cut it in half lengthwise, and wrap it around the stem for a couple of inches, starting at the calyx.

Cut tissue paper into rectangles of desired size, usually 5 x 7 (larger rectangles produce bigger flowers) Stack around 15 pieces of tissue paper.
Gently separate each layer pulling upwards toward the middle of the flower, then do the second side. This could be a game, give the girls these papers and the DIY instructions, and have the come up with the best paper bouquet, and the bride picks her favourite one! However, I assume the 180g weight paper will give it more stiffness and allow the petals to stay upright. Begin feeding the streamers through the ruffler — try to keep them lined up and stitch near the edge of the paper. There should be a space between each petal, but honestly it really doesn’t matter much at all.
Use the same color or different colors. If you want to use a smaller number of pieces of tissue paper, flower will not be as full.
Run the first streamer through the ruffler on maybe 2 (these petals with spaces do better with a little less pleating).

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