This morning, after finishing up decorating the Mantel, I realized that I should show you how to make tissue paper flowers, before I share what we did with the St. The cookie settings on this website are set to "allow cookies" to give you the best browsing experience possible.
August 16, 2014 by Special Guest 2 Comments Share4 Tweet Pin527 Stumble Email YumShares 531Hi there! Step Five Fold the wire over the bead and then twist it around the other side of the wire to secure it in place.
Step Seven When the crepe paper has been fully wrapped around the stem, pinch the base tightly together. Step Eight Cut a roughly 12” piece of floral tape and begin wrapping it around the base of the flower and stem. Add a dollop of glue or Mod Podge on the stems and underside of the flower base after making each flower.
If you enjoyed this crepe paper project hop over to Babble Dabble Do and check out our Crepe Paper Bracelets too!
Ana Dziengel is an architect, award winning furniture designer, and creatively inspired mom making magic with her three young children in sunny California.  Ms.
This is the perfect craft for people who say “Oh I’d love to make that… but I’m not crafty.” Trust me.

I shared pictures yesterday in Turtle’s 1st Birthday Party post so today I thought I would share how to make them. Step 1: Count out 10 sheets of tissue paper and lay them out stacked on top of each other on a flat surface.
Your kids pictures are adorable but please tell me that you didn’t really name them Bean and Turtle!! If you continue to use this website without changing your cookie settings or you click "Accept" below then you are consenting to this. This will allow the crepe paper to more easily fan out and will provide a sweet decorative look to the flower edges. You want it to be as tight as possible at the base as this is what holds the flower together. The caveat is that crepe paper is not very wide so your flowers will never be big and bushy but rather sweet and delicate. Hang them around the room, use as a centerpiece, make a focal wall, or line them up along a pony-wall and around the birthday cake like we did at Turtle’s Birthday party.
Even though the tissue paper flowers seemed pretty easy, before I got started, I headed over to MomAdvice, and found out exactly how Amy made her tissue paper flowers. My name is Ana and I blog over at Babble Dabble Do where I focus on art, science, and design for kids.

As you wrap, pinch the bottom of the crepe paper and gently fold it while fanning out the zig zag edges. I find it helpful to look at how others make things and gather inspiration before starting my projects.
On more thing where I live we only have Walmart as a craft supply store so I am glad to see supplies gathered from a store I am familar with. Today I’m going to show you how to make paper flowers from crepe paper, AKA streamers, in 5 minutes.
Rust & Sunshine has a great tutorial with different cuts for different types of flowers. Use leftover streamers from parties and you’ve got yourself a killer upcycled project to boot!
Patrick’s Day Mantel is complete with a FREE Printable Lucky Banner Have you ever made Tissue Paper Flowers?

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