Blind dates are always potentially disastrous, and even more so for divorcees who've been out of the dating game for years.
That's what we were reminded of last week, after reading dating coach Sandy Weiner's primer on how to avoid a blind date from hell after divorce. That's exactly what Imgur user squisheemittensface tried to do before a recent blind date, though things didn't go exactly as planned, unfortunately. There’s a lot of uncertainty about how much money Uber drivers make and whether being an Uber driver is, as the company says, an ideal part-time job. The paper’s biggest claim is simple, and headline-grabbing: Uber drivers make more money than regular taxi drivers. On close reading, however, none of the data provided by the authors of the paper -- Uber Head of Research Jonathan Hall and Princeton economist Alan Krueger, working “under contract” with Uber -- support such claims. In its marketing materials, Uber repeatedly presents gross pay data with language saying it shows how much drivers “take home (after deductions),” and then leaves it to a footnote to explain that those deductions do not include any of the most obvious costs of driving a car for money. The problem is that these are all gross pay numbers, but the two sets of drivers pay out costs in different ways. Simply comparing the gross pay of each set of drivers doesn’t tell you which set takes home more pay: You also need to know the costs of each set of drivers. Uber declined to respond to questions about why it did not include operating costs and fees in its examination of wages for the report.

In the bottom row, you’ll see that average hourly earnings stay roughly the same -- about $21 -- no matter how many hours you work.
This is a chart of increasing predictability: The more hours you work, the more accurately you can estimate your gross pay. Clarification: This story has been updated to reflect that the study found the standard deviation in Uber's six largest markets was 13 percent. Be sure sure to call up a friend before the date and ask him or her to check in on you later, just to make sure everything went OK. To sum up what we've learned: Do ask a friend to check up on you in case your blind date is a creeper. Uber released a research paper on Thursday that claimed to give clear answers to those questions. This, along with flexible hours, makes being an Uber driver a good part-time job, in the paper’s judgment. Taxi drivers tend to pay leasing companies to use cabs maintained by medallion companies, and also pay for gas, while Uber drivers are responsible directly for paying and maintaining everything they need to keep their car on the road.
The paper answers that question emphatically: It finds that average hourly earnings don’t change much based on how many hours per week drivers work. A different set of Uber data -- for drivers in New York -- shows that the fewer hours you work, the farther away from the average you are likely to fall.

Krueger told The Huffington Post that the study does examine how drivers' hourly wages vary from month to month, and concluded they were "fairly steady across months” in Uber’s six largest markets, with a 13 percent standard deviation.
Do your homework on the person you were set up with and don't be afraid to ask your matchmaking buddy why he or she thinks your date is such a great match for you. But that’s just gross pay: It does not take into account costs like gas, insurance, or car maintenance and ownership. That would indeed make driving for Uber a good part-time job: It’s nice to be able to predict how much you’re going to make per hour and not be penalized for working fewer hours. However, the standard deviation across all markets in the study is 19 percent -- that means that assuming a normal distribution, 68 percent of drivers saw earnings swing somewhere between positive and negative 19 percent month to month. Uber hasn’t provided pay data that nets out those costs, which are necessary for any driver.

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