Currently, there are many website builders in the market but no many are based on HTML5 technology. Breezi is a also a relatively new service that use HTML5 technologies to make website building easier without Flash. With a passion for Knowledge, Smashinghub has been created to explore things like Free Resources For Designers, Photographers, Web Developers and Inspiration. This tutorial demonstrates how to create an online resume that incorporates Microdata. The tutorial demo is a one page site template that you are free to use for your online resume.
Please note that this is not a web design or CSS tutorial, so only the HTML5 and Microdata markup will be covered. Because Microdata is based on the HTML5 microdata specification, HTML5 markup is being used to create the one page resume site template. Note: An HTML5 JavaScript shim is not required in IE9+ and other modern browsers that support HTML5. The HTML5 article element is used for standalone content that would most likely be syndicated like a blog post or news article.
The first types of schemas that we are going to add to the markup is Person and PostalAddress.
Itemprop attributes need to be added wherever appropriate using span tags so that additional information is provided to search engines about our web page. Next the EducationalOrganization and PostalAddress schemas are going to be added to the markup.
Hi, in this we are introducing a small concept of HTML5 but very important to make a webpage based on HTML5 . In HTML5 we  have well defined and specific tags for specific purpose with HTML5, the trend shifts a bit from removing restrictions to adding structure to HTML elements that are related to content layout.lets have a look on the image will explain more clear.
We can see that a basic webpage have some essential elements which we require for our page in this article we will discuss the HTML5 tags  like header, nav, section, article, aside and footer. Next we divide the page into two sections the left section and the right section as shown in the above image we have the left section shown in brown color and the right section in orange color. Last we have the footer of our webpage where we gives all the details of our webpage and links of the documents on our website. So here is our basic page structure completely follows the standards of HTML5 which is very trendy you can see the example of HTML5 page structure is the our website which has all the tags header, nav, section.
But without the CSS the webpage is only look like content on a white browser page so we need to apply styling to the elements for this CSS concepts are in CSS section click here. Here’s a round up of fresh resources for designers and developers for May 2016, including PSD mockups, icons, GUIs, templates, fonts, scripts, tools, articles and more.
A special set of PSD mockup scenarios for cosmetic packages that feature a huge resolution and smart objects layers that allow you to easily showcase your designs in a seamless way. An amazing pack of Bootstrap 4 elements nicely crafted and delivered in Ai format counting on 17 different sorts of web elements. A ready-to-print letterhead template designed in a nice flat style for the items in its header, footer, and watermark background available in PSD, Ai, and InDesign format files.
A great collection of more than 20 sets of vector format characters in several styles containing robots, animals, humans, and more to see in PSD, Ai, SVG, and more formats. A fantastic mockup scenario that features several stationery items crafted and delivered in PSD format counting on smart-object layers for seamless integration of your designs.
An amazing collection of ready-to-print CMYK profile templates for flyers that will boost your promoting campaigns to outer space. A stunning article that comes with stacks of state-of-the-art information about JavaScript including the author’s best choices for modern web applications written in this language. Appbeat is an application for website monitoring that lets you check service statistics, see average response time, uptime graphs and logs checking. An open source game-making development environment for HTML5 that features real-time collaboration, powerful-intuitive tools and is enforced by Typescript. A testing tool that allows you to test websites in different screen resolutions counting on popular devices previously chosen, desktop, laptop, tablet, and a smartphone among them.

A JavaScript motion engine, that makes easier for developers to create and innovate user interfaces using animation, featuring tween control, simulations, tracking, and more.
A lightweight, responsive and modern CSS framework, can be installed manually or using NPM or Bower, it comprises a complete set of elements, components, and utilities. A free set of SVG format icons regarding the most relevant items that you’d have in a traveling kit such as a map, a swiss knife, a wallet, a GoPro, and more. A set of nice vector icons that come in Sketch format designed in line and color filled style including icons for general purpose such as social networks, settings, emailing, and more to see. An amazing set of flat style crafted emojis for mobile chat applications organized in 5 different categories available in SVG, Ai, and PNG multi-size formats. Quite an impressive set of vector icons professionally crafted in a nice flat style in PNG; Ai, and SVG, it counts on stacks of items that regard the wide and diverse industry of transport.
A handy and useful online tool designed to create product mockups with different devices and styles making of it a perfect one for portfolio presentations of any project. A nice and practical resource that includes a variety of letterforms, all of them alphabetically categorized, as well as including numbers and the ampersand glyph. Pixe Lute is an awesome font that features sharp and curved edges making it a unique font for projects and designs.
Break is a fancy and innovative typeface that features five weights from bold to extra light, containing uppercase, lowercase, numerals, and symbols. A stylish yet colorful template made specifically for the fashion industry, an ideal choice as well for fashion designers. An elegant and professional template available in PSD format making it perfect for companies and business websites. Technologies can be overwhelming for many business leaders to getting their companies off the ground in the right way. Python development allows for a more robust language and with other services including Java can enhance your web application to a whole new world of services including streaming media (movies, live chat, webcam services, interactive destop sharing, file sharing, audio files, an much more).
With HTML5 development, websites have become much more interactive using the power of AJAX and API calls. Some development needs components and bridges that are crucial to run on the local computer. Apache, IIS, and other resources are avaible to support web based server application and hosting solutions to meet your challenges of not only to stay running 24 hours, but to alsso deliver fast and effecient no matter how big you become.
Most web interfaces are run on Linux, but there are needs for Microsoft Windows Servers and Desktops which we support all versions. As more and more users are turning to their cell phones and tablets for resources, you need to be avalaible for Adroid development as well as to interface with the tools that work including GPS, voice, video, images, and other apps like Facebook you have available access to with your own custom designed application.
As well with Android development, IOS development is important to capture your broad audience that uses i-phones and i-pads to get to their resouces.
Besides using comon servers and services to provide solutions, Website Hawks looks at other services to meet your specific needs such no-SQL DB, Lghtppd server, MAC OS Serviver and services, Adobe Solutions, Network file storage solutions, load balancing, firewall protection, traffic marketing and analyzing solutions, and so much more. We use cookies to make our website as useful and relevant as possible; they don't tell us who you are or reveal sensitive information. The advantage of using HTML5 is that you don’t need to use any Flash technology to create the animation effects. They have continuously improve their technology to make it easier for the average user to build beautiful websites without programming.  In the past, Wix is known for being a Flash based website builder. Despite only coming to the scene in 2011,  it has moved quickly and created lots of useful features for its users. It started with a Flash website builder but has announced in May 2013 that it is adding HTML5 capabilities to its website builder.  This makes it easier for anyone to create HTML5 website using Weebly without any coding knowledge. Unlike the others, Strikingly focuses on creating mobile websites using the latest HTML5 templates.
It has a powerful HTML5 website builder that lets you change almost anything without touching a line of code. I was wondering if any web developers in the community feel a little threatened by the rise these sites that allow anyone to build their own website. As a bonus, several color versions are included in the source files zip; dark green, light green, dark blue and light blue.

Unfortunately, older web browsers like IE7 and IE8 do not recognize certain HTML5 elements. THis is due to the fact that it makes more sense, when considering how each item has a title and a description. The section element was used in the markup because none of the sections of the resume are considered to be standalone content.
This article does a really good job explaining the difference between HTML5 article and section elements. Website Hawks can help your company get the right technologies that you will need to get your business to start off right and to grow beyond that of what a "turn-key" solution can handle.
Easy to use and designed to be fast devlevery with world wide support, PHP can enhance your business to the world wide with affordably and easily.
When deisnged well, you interface can be used "responsively" accross a wide range of devices including PC, MAC, and mobile devices.
Other services can be used to accelerate your development time including, Mogile NFS, Red5, Wowza, Adobe Media Server.
Google has dedicated itself to making a library of Java Script in order to assist in browser compatiability with JQuery.
Depending on your needs we can help with your database configuration and SQL calls, including using API interfaces to help bridge gaps in communication. Language such as C#, C++, Java, Perl, and Objective C are important for when you expanding your services and needs across more advance methods including direct communicatons and bridges to drivers and devices like printers, scanners, mobile devices, video game interfaces, and more. Website Hawks supports most of these operating systems including, Fedora, Ubuntu, RedHat, Suse, and CentOS. Custom development for your apps can interface with many of the other appscustomers have as well as GPS, phone book,images, video, and other tools at their disposal on the go. By continuing to use our website we assume that you're happy for us to use cookies but you can easily change your settings at any time. Best of all, they provide beautiful HTML5 website templates so that even with no design or coding skills, your website will look good and professional.
Since no Flash is used, it can be displayed well in any devices including iPads.  Most of there html 5 website builders also come with html5 templates that have already been optimized to look good everywhere. However, they have since shifted their technology into HTML5, which is great news for users.  Best of all, they offer a nice free trial.
One of the benefits of being a latecomer is that it uses the latest technology, relative to older platforms. Due to such focus, they specialise in making it super easy for businesses to quickly create a single page mobile presence for their company with no coding.
It also has beautiful templates that you can use to make website creating a much faster process.
You as a business owner do not need full time technology experts, but what you need is a partner that is looking for a long term relationship by helping you grow and make the income needed to advance into the new modern age of world wide services, entertainemnt, and e-commerce.
Never limit your service or products to your customers, but enhance it for better viral marketing capabilities.
We can support remote servers as well as local servers including design, maintenance, upgrades, and BASH coding interfaces. This will allow you to test drive how Wix’s HTML5 website builder works before committing to their platform. Imcreator is completely based on HTML5 technology, which enables a very quick drag and drop capability.
In June 2011, Google announced the creation of, a new initiative from Google, Bing and Yahoo! We have a network of experts willing to support your needs as well "on-site" services to get everything done fast and affordabel, using the latest wide supported technologies to make sure you are always in good hands.

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