The following tutorial will teach you how to create interactive 3D gallery presentaion from your picture and music collection. 3D Flash Animator is considered to be one of the best album animator software programs that allows you to create interactive animation. Disney Research, in its never-ending quest to make our menial existences more magical, can now produce 3D printed speakers of any shape.
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Listening devices have become incredibly small already, now they can be really thin and be part of anything. With the best album animator program software, you can create and make free 3D animation from your images in simple steps. At the 2:50 mark in the video you can hear what the speaker sounds like when playing music. It is relatively simple to get a functional one, although there are some big trade-offs versus the standard electrodynamic types that most people are familiar with.

Double click one image and go to the “Edit Photo” window, where you can add text, Artclips and info to the picture. Go to the “Publish” window and choose “Create Flash File Only” to publish picture animacion slide shows. As you can see in the image above and the video below, Disney has already used this technology to create some very cute and novel looking designs, all of which have the ability to play high-quality audio at fairly loud volumes (up to 60 dB). The objects can also be handled without a noticeable decrease in sound quality, so future applications might include a touch interface, too. Safety is also an issue since it takes hundreds to thousands of volts to obtain acceptable performance with ES drivers. Curiously, the speakers can also go into the inaudible ultrasonic range, which could be used to track the objects as part of a larger interactive system or game. There’s not really anything super ground-breaking that Disney is doing in terms of the audio technology, but they do seem to be one of the first to start looking at integrating this into consumer goodies.
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To this day, I still think that the Nintendo Wiimote’s built-in speaker was one of its best and most immersive features. I will be curious to see how they combine the required voltages with something that toddlers are probably going to chew and drool on! Conventional speakers (in your headphones or subwoofer) use electromagnetism to move a magnet back and forth, hitting the air around it, creating sound waves (pressure waves) that your ears register as sounds.
The diaphragm is produced separately (also with a 3D printer) and sprayed with the same paint. Depending on the shape of the active region, the sound might be directional (conical) or omnidirectional (spherical). In the future, when 3D printers can lay down multiple materials (including conductive materials), these manual steps could be omitted and the whole thing could be made in one shot.

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