Using Sprinta€™s version of the iPhone 5, we didna€™t experience any dropped calls during our usage a€“ though, we do notice a slightly weaker signal strength when compared to other Sprint devices on hand with us.
We measure battery life by running a custom web-script, designed to replicate the power consumption of typical real-life usage. Undeniably, the iPhone 5 is the most highly anticipated smartphone of the year a€“ rightfully so considering that this sixth-generation sees one major design overhaul! As a whole though, ita€™s not a game-changing device per se, like the original iPhone back in 2007, but to be honest, it excels in the areas that are most vital to any smartphone owner.
Even though I hate Apple(due to their lawsuits), I have to commend them for this improvement.
The iPhone is easily one of the best gadgets ever made, but it’s not perfect, and there are a few things that are just kind of annoying. Obviously the Skip button is intended to just fast forward and rewind through playing podcasts, but it doubles as the most efficient way to skip past boring segments, annoying bumper music, or the repetitive commercials that you’ve heard over and over again (sorry Neil!). I stumbled on this one at iDownloadBlog during tax season and it saved a few headaches when figuring out expenses. Oh and a bonus tip of sorts for those that were wondering about the screenshot shown, you can transform the normal Calculator app into a scientific calculator as displayed above just by rotating the iPhone horizontally to reveal the additional buttons and operations. This goes beyond the million and one general Siri uses to function as a personal assistant, from creating reminders to sending text message and emails for you, or anything else in the gigantic command list. Let’s face it, using any screens outdoors in the bright sun can be tough, and it can be very hard to see or read details on the display.
Be your own sun shield: Turn your back to the sun and use your own shadow to shield the screen from the sun.
Yes, the iPhone and iPad will automatically adjust brightness, but it’s not always adequate when in very bright light or in direct sunlight. That tinny cheesy camera sound effect is something all iPhone users are familiar with, and if you’re tired of hearing it there is good news. This is great to use in quiet places like libraries if you’re snapping pictures of books or documents, or even at events where you want to shoot a few pictures a bit more discretely than announcing it to the world with the treble-full camera shutter audio. Note that in some countries this setting adjustment apparently makes no difference, due to particular regulatory requirements that require all cameras to make sounds. The smaller SIM standard goes even more smaller as Apple trims the iPhone’s thickness by 18%.

Using a ruler and a marke, carefully mark the five lines along which you would cut in the following step.
Obviously, it has the design to capture the attention of people far and wide, but when we look beyond the aesthetics, we find an iPhone that continues to improve with its performance a€“ like its photo taking quality and wickedly fast processing power. For $200, youa€™re getting one of the few devices on the market that has the rich blend of performance and features to soundly satisfy a broad range of needs and wants. No offence but if other phones are getting so low scores (like Optimus G, International One X, Lumia 920) this is what I have to say. We’re aiming to address a few of those frustrations here, with these five fairly minor iPhone tips that can have a big impact, offering nice improvements to usability with a few things that can generally be frustrating or bothersome.
Don’t hit the Clear C button and delete everything in the number bar, instead rely on an little-known swipe gesture to delete the last character one number at a time. The iPhone and iPad are no exceptions here, and anything with a glass screen is usually worse because of the reflections cast. Speaking of auto-adjustments, you might want to turn off auto-brightness entirely if you find it going in the wrong direction in particularly tricky lighting situations. The mute switch on the side of your iPhone will obviously mute calls and sounds, but it has a benefit for photographers too: it also turns off the shutter sound, letting you take pictures in silence. Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! Never could stand typing out a ton of numbers only to make a mistake and have to erase the whole line and start again.
You can do it with a number of different objects; including a cup, a bowl, and even a toilet paper roll. But we know if you came to this DIY guide, your intent is to Do It Yourself, lets get started. The Chinese netizens seem to be not that impressed with the new version, they thought there is not much change other than the screen became 4 inches long from the original 3.5 inches. He loves everything about digital world, technologies, social media and gadgets and has been prophetic in identifying the best ways to leverage and harness such news to drive sales growth for companies ranging from startups to huge organizations. Then again, ita€™s nice that it offers enough juice to get us by through a solid work day, but with 4G LTE connectivity, ita€™s almost certain to be a huge battery drain. Upgraded for the modern world, we appreciate the change to a larger 4-inch Retina Display, but even more impressive, is the reality that its overall footprint is still easy on the hands a€“ as opposed to the overimposing stature of some of its rivals.

Indeed, the platform experience is still lacking the depth of customization features of its rivals, but again, ita€™s simplicity that Apple decides to focus on more than anything else. Even though wea€™re still yearning for an updated platform experience with iOS, the iPhone 5 hits a grand slam homerun out of the park with its svelte design, sharp looking display, raw processing power, and detailed photo capturing quality to clear the bases entirely. Aimed at covering a broad range of things, from skipping past commercials in podcasts, a subtle gesture for Calculator that improves usability, fixing your knowledge gaps with Siri, to snapping photos in silence, and improving the readability of an iPhone outside in the bright sun, you’re sure to find something helpful.
For most podcasts, two to four taps on that button are enough to get through their commercials quickly.
Just keep in mind that if you turn off the auto adjustments and leave the iPhone’s screen brightness all the way up the battery will run out significantly faster.
All you need to do is toggle the mute switch on, which reveals a little red line in the button to indicate so. For starters, the earpiece emits ample tones to make it very easy for us to listen to our callera€™s clear and distinctive voice. And with that, the iPhone 5 continues to stand tall and proudly as being one of the classiest looking devices on the market a€“ aided by its impeccable construction and quality choice of materials. Weibo topic: #iPhone5???# (#iPhone5 you are so long#), take a look at the Chinese Netizens’ wisdoms! However, therea€™s only a small hint of distortion with voices when switching over to use the speakerphone.
Thanks to the aid of its three microphones and a complex system known as beamforming, our callers are treated to one heck of an exquisite experience on their end. Additionally, ita€™s nice to see that 4G LTE connectivity is now on board with the iPhone, which again brings it up to the modern world.
Already, voices are natural in tone on their end of the line, but the most impressive part about the iPhone 5a€™s calling quality is its superior noise-cancellation. At first, our callers pick up some wind noise in the background as we drive with the windows down, but in no time at all, ita€™s cancelled out with a strong emphasis on our voice.

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