Linda, one of My Excel School students shared this dashboard link with me and asked if I can show how to construct something like this. Understand the sources of data: Another tricky part of a dashboard development is to get right data. Prioritize the information: Once you have listed down various metrics, KPIs, information pieces to be used in the dashboard, list them down in the order of priority. Make a rough sketch of the dashboard: Even before you make something in Excel, just make a rough sketch using pen and paper (or MS Paint or PowerPoint). This step becomes easier once you have clarity of vision and listed down what you want (and what you dont want). Arrange the data: For a simple dashboard like this, you can arrange the data in this fashion. Special thanks to Michigan State website for the inspiration & Linda for sharing the link. I think the arrow icons for 'Performance Staying about the same' and 'Performance Declining' are mixed up.
Dave - The special characters can be created using the Character Map in Windows or by learning the keyboard shortcuts (displayed in the corner of the Character Map). Whenever I am given what seems to be an impossible task in Excel, the first thing I do is go to Since the requirement for our Executive Staff is by Group Location, I added a Drop Down List Validation Box with VLOOKUPs to view the data by Group.

I can't thank you and the originator of this Dashboard enough for sharing and helping me to continue to build my Excel Skills.
For some reason when I download via the link it advises it is not in excel format - is it possible to get the example workbook emailed directly?
The Sales Dashboard Solution allows users to use live data to drive dashboards that show company performance in a wide variety of graphs. THREE RELATED HOW TO's:Data Visualization SolutionsData visualization solutions help you to see how your business can improve. In corporate environments, your data sources may be spread across and follow their own formats. Metrics or KPIs that are most important and indicate the overall health of the system (or project, initiative or company) should be on top. You must remove items, metrics and information that is low on value from the end dashboard. The Michigan state government folks have done fine job of listing down the metrics and carefully capturing them and presenting the outlook in a crisp fashion. It is about accurately communicating what has happened, and maybe even provide a reason for why. I just inserted these symbols in to a cell, then selected the cell contents (F2, select all) and copied them. This blog is started in 2007 and today has 450+ articles and tutorials on using excel, making better charts.

ConceptDraw PRO is a software for making Live charts and gauges that provide effectiveness to your business.
So you need to plan ahead for all these differences, otherwise, you will end up doing lots of extra work.
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A dashboard should prompt more questions than it answers, it should have enough detail to provoke discussion, yet not too much to put people off. We can easily implement such drill-down functionality in this dashboard and redirect viewers to other sheet tabs. What more, as a joining bonus, I am giving away a 25 page eBook containing 95 Excel tips & tricks.
Definately doable, and Chandoo my man, I think this is a really good example of a simple, yet effective dashboard. I have always been a fan of KISS (Keep It Super Simple) and this applies every so much to the world of dashboards. Like you say, it is imperative to understand what you're audience expects and wants to see, and that means talking to them!

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