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Food prices are growing like pole beans, and many people are planting more edibles in their garden, or taking up gardening for the first time, in an effort to save money.
The second reason is a woefully misguided ethanol policy pushed on us by Democrats and most Republicans in Washington, and this is such an important issue I am going to talk about it a little. The problem with corn based ethanol is that it is a waste of time, money, and increases food prices. In the meantime, back to gardening, so you want to plant food to save money, good idea, even people with small yards can plant enough to save a few hundred dollars a year at the grocery store, and with medium yards you can easily put that into 4 figures at current ridiculous prices (oh yes, this week I spent $2 for a single zucchini). When evaluating what plants to grow for money savings you need to consider a few different issues.
Foods that go bad quickly require expedited shipping to reach the market, which is more expensive, so they tend to be priced at a premium at the store. Many plants are picked before fully ripe to be sent to the store, and so they never get as sweet as they can be.
Any food you can get from a tree is going to end up being cheap in the long run, if you can be patient.
My final tip to the home gardener looking to save money by growing their own food is to make use of succession planting.
You are so right, I blame media conditioning and social mindsets for people thinking they can’t do this. We got started just as a hobby but now appreciate the savings compared to having to buy it at the grocer. I’ve designed an above ground system and will release how to build yourself, but is anyone really interested in growing anove ground? Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. From President Bush to Hillary Clinton to Barack Obama, most politicians have caved to big agribusiness lobbying and supported corn ethanol mandates and subsidies. With high fertilizer needs and complex machinery you only get about 1.3 gallons of ethanol for every 1 gallon of gas spent harvesting it.

But, what we are getting, is more demand for fertilizer, which increases the price of fertilizer, more demand for arable land, which increases the price of arable land, and more demand among the land for ethanol corn plantings, which increases the premium other plantings (ie food) need to achieve, and all of that results in higher food prices.
If you’re gardening as a hobby some of these things do not matter, but if you expect to save money by gardening they do, and so how easy a plant is to grow matters.
On the other hand, if the food goes bad quickly it may be hard for your family to eat it all when the harvest comes due, so consider that when deciding how much of a food to plant. Or, some plants once picked instantly start converting sugars to starch, and so are never as sweet at the market as they are when just picked. If I plant something that tolerates cooler temperatures I could get two, maybe even 3, harvests in a year. Asparagus is one of the very few perennial vegetables, plant it once and harvest it for decades, so it doesn’t require a lot of time commitment. The big ones are now around $2 each at the store, whereas you can buy a bag of 100 onion sets for $2.
I used to hate squash, but all I knew of it was some horrid dishes passed at a relative’s thanksgiving. This means planting in stages, over the course of weeks, so that you’re also able to harvest in stages, over the course of weeks. Also I would suggest growing garlic, it has great medicinal qualities and is very easy to go. They are great and save bending down some much and they don’t get so many weeds, or voluntary plants (I love that expression).
Away from the money aspect the actual taste and joy of growing your own organic food is great. I heard somewhere that the cost of groceries has gone up 100% in the past year; at least here in Canada.
Not that the farmers cleans up as evidenced by fewer family farms, more large volume oriented production platforms. Oil prices reached $130 a barrel today on the back of demand from developing countries, weakening supply, and speculation. Only a few people such as Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-Texas) and of course John McCain have been vocal against it, going way back.
Consumer Reports did a comparison with one of those flex fuel cars that can take gasoline or E85 Ethanol. This isn’t really a money saving issue, but can factor into your decision of what to plant. Many veggies you can harvest after 50 or 60 days, so if April and September are warm I could get 3 plantings in.
They produce for months and months all summer, and keep producing until October usually for me.
It is also fairly expensive at the store, and it is one of those that is best when first picked, because once it is picked it starts converting sugars into starch and fiber.

Nuts of all types are of course expensive at the store, and most of the country can grow walnuts and pecans, but fruit too can be a good option. When you want a salad, you go out and cut enough just for that salad, the leaves grow back, and the next time you want a salad, you have more to harvest. After learning different recipes, ways to prepare it, spices that compliment it, I like it. By making sure all your food doesn’t need to be harvested at the same time you make it easier to ensure that you have time to eat it all when it is ready to be harvested.
We will need to find more and more areas to grow our own food, especially if we are in confined living such as apartments or have tiny lots. McCain to the point of ceding the Iowa Primary to his competitors rather than pander to big agribusiness. Since ethanol has less potential energy than gasoline they got fewer miles per gallon with it. My 4×8 mature raspberry patch probably makes me around $5 a day during the peak of the summer in free fruit. Dwarf apple, pear, or cherry trees can fit in even the smallest yards, and letting those fruits ripen on the tree makes them very sweet.
Onions, being bulbs, can handle cold weather, you can get them started early in the year, or plant them later. I know there are ways to grow a garden almost anywhere (small greenhouses, tire gardens, hanging gardens)… if there is a way to grow our food we need to find it to avoid the high cost of living.
Her journey would not succeed without remembering to put Faith first, Family second and Work third. It costs more to transport the food from the farm to the market, it costs more to farm the food because tractors run on gas, and so the food goes up in price.
Even if you disagree with his other policy positions, you have to give him props for being the only presidential hopeful from either party to go to Iowa and say that he doesn’t support corn ethanol subsidies and mandates.
However corn does take more work, and space, and fertilizer, and so isn’t going to be a good choice for everyone (but if you have the room, maybe give it a try).
Keep it in a cool, dry, and dark place and hard squashes will keep for a year, I’ve even heard of longer than that. They also spread like mad so if you want them to cover a larger area you can buy fewer plants originally. So there is no worry about being stuck with a huge harvest you cannot eat, that one harvest can be eaten over the course of a year.
If you have too many, you can easily make jam and can them, once canned they’ll keep for a year.

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