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Building a website with an international slant is the secret goal of many webmasters nowadays.
The choice of name of a website is always an important decision but when you want to address foreign countries it becomes crucial. So, choosing a name which sounds good in different language - or at least is not an embarrassment - is always a very wise move.
Studies from the UK, Ireland or Germany, as well as Asian countries, have found that internet users are more likely to visit and trust national websites rather than international ones. Another important part of this a€?glocala€? strategy is to promote your site on social media in the country you are interested in. In spite of globalization, there are still big differences in culture and design preferences between countries. Colors, for example, have different connotations and meanings in different countries: one of the most striking contrasts regards the color white, which is a symbol of purity and marriage in the West and death and mourning in the Far East.
Ita€™s interesting to look at the theories of a€?higha€? and a€?low contexta€? cultures when considering differences in web design. Recent studies have confirmed these studies, saying that the design of a website has an effect on the way it is perceived by people from different cultures.
When your website is targeted to different countries, it's very likely that, at some point, you'll have to provide your content in one or more additional languages. So, how can you fit the German version of an English text into the same section of your web page?
The most practical solution to this problem is to use Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), which allows the content to be kept separate from page design.

Also, another very useful tool for your multilingual website is definitely Unicode, the industry standard for encoding. Most bloggers agree on the fact that the best moment to publish your new material is the morning, the moment when most people turn on their computer for the first time and check all their favourite websites. Although at the outer edge of Europe, Ireland occupies a convenient stepping stone location between the North America and Europe. A direct seasonal ferry service to Cork, is available from mainland Britain, through Swansea with Fastnet Lines and from mainland Europe through Roscoff with Brittany Ferries. Dublin Port has access to Holyhead in Wales while from Rosslare, you can sail to Fishguard, England and Roscoff and Cherbourg, France. Most western world passport holders can visit Ireland for 90 days without a visa. See visa section. Cars that have been more than six months in your ownership may be brought in duty free when you move. Apart from having good content, which is always the core of any website, there are other specific issues to take care of when you decide to go global. The name was first rendered as Ke-ke-ken-la until the company discovered that it actually meant "bite the wax tadpole" or "female horse stuffed with wax" depending on the dialect. Youa€™ll find that some of them are even more popular than the usual big shots like Facebook and Twitter. Apart from common sense recommendations, such as avoiding images of bikini-clad women in Saudi Arabia, there are other, more subtle differences which are interesting to analyse. To have some idea of that, it's enough to take a look at the national home pages of international brands such as Nokia or Philips. And what if your additional language is Arabic or Hebrew, languages which are written from right to left? In plain English, when you translate into another longer (or shorter) language, you don't have to redesign each page from scratch.

The most common character encoding is UTF-8 which allows you to work with about eighty different languages. This becomes a little more complicated when your readers are scattered around the globe, but you can overcome this problem by setting different publishing times on your website, depending on which language they are written in. Dublin is one of the region’s busiest airports while Cork is one of Europe’s fastest growing.
However with the number of remote peninsulas and rugged mountains, it can take over ten hours to drive from north to south, leaving plenty room for adventure. To enter from the UK, a driver’s licence will be sufficient when travelling via plane or ferry. So, when targeting a specific foreign country, it is advisable to register a local domain name for your website.
The sober colors and design of the German or Dutch website change into vivid colors and rich details in the Chinese version. Hall, in his 1976 book Beyond Culture,categorized cultures according to the way in which they communicate.
In brief, according to Hall's study, there are so called a€?low context' cultures, such as North European and North American, that communicate chiefly through clear, straightforward statements, whether verbal or written. On the other hand, in China, Japan and many Asian countries, more importance is given to body language, facial expressions or even silence.

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