I got an individual card recently from a family who was finally taking their first baby home. As a rather demanding patient myself (I have several chronic illnesses) I always bring my Doctors snacks when I see them – homemade cookies, bread, biscotti, or a starbucks card because they work so hard for me and give so much of their personal time. So here I am to thank you for dedicating your life to healing others, even those that intentionally mess themselves up – you are truly a credit to humanity.
Along with the fruit is a handwritten note to tell him just how special he is to our family and how much I appreciate him and everything he’s done for us this year.

A Dublin-based 27-year-old who goes by TheOnlyOne87 on Reddit composed 365 hand-written love notes -- yes, that's one for every single day of the year -- for his girlfriend. The couple has been dating for nearly a year, Redditor TheOnlyOne87 told The Huffington Post, but they've been close friends for the past eight years. He color-coded them according to different categories ("moments & memories," "quotes & lyrics," and "reasons I love you") and put them all in an extra-large mason jar.
This guy goes way out of his way for us and his other patients, even after 40+ years of practice.

I know that clear liquid diet is standard orders for dehydrated peds patients and thought that someone just hadn’t noticed that he was an infant because he was a new admit.

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