Finally, before setting up Entourage, verify that your Outlook Live account is setup and working properly. You can do that by following the steps in Part 1 and Part 2 on this page. The symptom is that when starting Microsoft Outlook for Mac 2011, the logo splash-screen opens up and then…. Now before we proceed, the usual safety small-print:  make sure you have backed up the relevant Outlook related files before attempting any of the following – just to be sure! To try and fix the corrupted Outlook database simply click on the keyboard ‘Alt’ key when clicking the Outlook for Mac 2011 icon and the Microsoft Database Utility will then open. Click ‘Done’ when completed and exit the Microsoft Database Utility.  Everything going to plan, when you now click your Outlook for Mac 2011 icon it should open OK.
Another scenario when you may also see the Microsoft Database Utility is when you start Outlook for Mac 2011 and it actually detects an issue with the email database prompting you to start the utility to try and fix the problem.

As with most things there are multiple problems or issues that may be causing this Outlook problem, though this is a common fix in my experience.  Hope this helps.
I have a problem with outlook for mac, that whilst the programme will open I can’t view outlook following the installation of a very recent update. My name is Simon Seagrave and I am a London (UK) based Senior Technology Consultant and Technical Marketing Manager working for EMC.
Although I work for EMC, my thoughts and views expressed in this blog are purely my own and are not those of EMC. If this is not your first time using Entourage, go to Tools and Accounts and create a New Account.
Next click on ‘Rebuild Main Identity’ – this will kick off a scan, verification and the move of your emails to a fresh new database file.

I went through all the motions you described however the Database Utility ends with an 8000 error and Outlook 2011 still won’t start, what then? I am not a blogger for EMC and write about topics and products which interest me, and hopefully you too. So, what you have to do is enable the Microsoft Database Utility which will then run, and where needed fix, the Outlook database.

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