Certain things in high school are simply unavoidable—there will be stress, there will be great memories, and there will be PowerPoint presentations.
Once your slides are created, the most important part of the presentation begins: rehearsal. It’s happened to everyone: the teacher assigns a set of topics and the class settles in for a marathon of monotonous lectures. Your words can sound dry and rehearsed, like lines from a script, or simply like an engaging conversation with a friend. Going through your presentation in front of your class will be just as easy as the fifty times you did it at home. Most of the time, students read the words right off of the slide as if they have never before seen the material. Breaking up topics into two slides is a surefire way to avoid cramming the slide with knowledge. Notecards are a perfect way to start learning your presentation, but by the end you shouldn’t need them.

It’s coma-inducing, so boring and dry that sleep is unavoidable no matter how interesting the subject is.
Nothing puts people to sleep quicker than a huge wall of text looming on the projector screen. Speaking to your peers in a friendly and informal way is the best way to keep them interested.
Every once in a while, though, there’s a student who makes the presentation so engaging that you can manage to open your eyes and pay attention. The majority of the content shouldn’t come from the slide, but from the presenters themselves. If your presentation is dynamic enough, students might actually want to see what your slides say, and a size 6 font is not doing them any favors.
Expand upon what you’ve written on the screen, add anecdotes and fun facts, and be enthusiastic. Bullet points are like a memory jogger for the audience; they reinforce what the speaker is saying and allow for notes to be copied quickly.

With a bit of enthusiasm, a well-rehearsed presentation, and a casual tone, even the most disinterested students may get something out of your presentation.
This speaking ability isn’t a natural gift; with a bit of practice, even the shyest students can master the art of the PowerPoint. And the bullets are by no means a crutch for you, the presenter, but simply a reminder of what you should be talking about. There is nothing worse than someone who is standing up at the board with nothing but an unintelligible mumble coming from his mouth.
Rehearse until you know the content like the back of your hand, alone in your room and then for your parents.
They make a suitable replacement audience until the real show begins, and can help you improve upon areas that you wouldn’t have noticed yourself.

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