Precisely at this moment, more than a million presentations are made world-wide – and more than half of these are painfully poor and mindnumbingly boring.
They waste valuable time, and in our professional environment are one of the most feared torture methods for committed people! During my professional career, I have seen many outstanding presentations with and without PowerPoint support. By the way: None of the questions includes whether you want to work with or without PowerPoint. You are probably getting the clue: None of these answers will help you make a good presentation. It is completely irrelevant whether you speak for 5 min, 15 min or 1 hour: This structure always remains the same.
Do not introduce yourself, but instead begin by making a compelling statement, with a question or with a brief anecdote that should underscore or lead into your topic. Yes, Steve Jobs’ introductions to new products are great xamples for inspiring presenations. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. As a presenter, it’s vital to establish a connection with the audience right away, to make a great first impression. Here are some ways you can make a terrible first impression and what you can do to avoid these mistakes. A big reason for coming in early is to have the opportunity to introduce yourself to the people in your audience. You need to determine what equipment will be available to you and what the room looks like ahead of time.
Crossed arms communicate that you are defensive or that you’re closing yourself off to people. We value the exceptional content and the remarkable work the designer has provided for this PPT model template. Beauty is an important evaluation criteria in our world based on superficial and appearance.

The background of this powerpoint template is very simple and representative with a boy and a girl sharing a big heart.
This coffee powerpoint background is consecrated to the most widely drunk beverage at the office and at work: coffee. This powerpoint presentation is perfect for any subject related to welfare, with a very representative background. You can customize this summary of key accounts template to make it look much better and use styles available in the new Excel 2013 version, or you can move forward and insert this same spreadsheet into a PowerPoint presentation if you are preparing a strategy plan presentation or sales template in PowerPoint. In this spreadsheet you can enter data for key accounts including account name, account rep, and also the sales during a given month and sales Year to Date.
This template is not available anymore, you can download the alternative template given below and find more related templates from our catalog of Sales Templates for Excel. As usual in this kind of templates provided for free by Office website, you can find complete instructions for reproducing this slide are included in the speaker notes pane.
But I was also frequently driven to the edge of despair by poor presentations – PowerPoint or not.
Answering these questions correctly will determine whether your presentation ends up being a success or a disaster! If you can show this emotion for your topic, your listeners will reward you with attention.
Do not bore your listeners with insignificant forewords or by introducing yourself, or worse, your company.
One could actually say: The professionalism of a speaker is demonstrated by the fact that he dry-runs his presentation.
This allows me to set up my presentation, distribute handouts, troubleshoot, fill my water bottle, etc. If you know the things you need to avoid doing, you will have the appearance of a confident professional even if you have butterflies in your stomach. If you liked this template and found it useful, help our website by sharing this content on social networks, so we can create more 100% FREE powerpoint templates. This Excel template for Excel 2007 and later can help you to keep tracks on activities and characteristics of 20 large, repeat customers and you can use it to make a sales strategy planning report.

You can also include the number of orders per month and summarize the total numbers YTD inside this key account management template. If you have time, you can substantiate your key messages in detail, but do not deviate from your topic. Any early missteps that give your audience the idea that you’re not the expert you profess to be will haunt you throughout your presentation.
Nowadays, I always bring my own projector remote, adapter cables, and power strip whenever I present.
This template is oriented more towards topics related to beauty, makeup (especially around the eyes), the luxury goods industry, or even the show.
Will you be supported by a technician or will you have to take care of everything yourself? If you make a good first impression as a presenter, then you will have a more positive impact on your audience. You need to carefully proofread your presentation and handouts, making sure that you’re not using words incorrectly or misspelling them. Learn to use more confident body language such as leaning forward, smiling, and natural gestures to show people that you know exactly what you’re doing at the front of the room.
If you are cosmetologist, esthetician, beautician or a professional makeup artist, this PPT template is for you.
One of the great examples of how to present well with minimal PowerPoint is Steve Jobs introducing new products. The last thing you want to be doing just before your presentation is figuring out how to present it and where your audience will be.

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