Pool is a popular table game that is relatively easy to understand and play, unlike billiards.
Before the cue stick was designed, pool was played with a mace that consisted of a curved wooden (or metal) head used to push the ball forward, attached to a narrow handle. A cue stick is a sporting instrument that is used in table games like pool, snooker, and billiards.
In this article, we will see how you can make your own cue stick that will serve you just as well as a professional one if you are a pool and wood-working enthusiast. Although we discussed the different types of woods that can be used for making a cue, we will see here the procedure for making cue sticks out of hard maple (Acer saccharum) for the cue shaft, with a handle made out of lacewood (Cardwellia sublimis). Step 1: Mount a dried cue blank on the wood lathe using a stronghold chuck with a spur attachment.
Step 3: It is advisable to use a skew tool and give a peeling cut to the shaft while turning. Step 8: Apply some glue to the internal thread, and use the bolt to thread the insert in place. Step 12: Finish only the first 4" of the shaft, and then use a piece of leather polish to finish the remaining shaft. Step 1: The length of the handle should be 29", and the cumulative weight of the shaft and the handle should be 18-22 oz. Step 6: After the glue has dried, reverse the handle and place the pin in the driving chuck. Your custom-made pool cue stick is now ready to be used, and you can start playing with it once the finish has dried.
The owner of a hobby shop in Baytown said his company, a joint venture between Razor Hobbies and Bay Vending, is the first to make custom pool cues using 3D printers. Robert Dunn, owner of Razor Hobbies, said they used custom 3D printer to create the 3D printed pool cue and they are cheaper to make than wood-milled cues. The pool cues only take 4 hours to make and they meet all tournament regulations, and Dunn sells his 3D printed pool cues for about $200. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. What are Cue Cards???The name Cue Cards comes from a large card held outof the audiences sight that has words in large letters tohelp a speaker or actor remember their lines in televisionbroadcasting.We use these in a similar way when we do our speeches.Although our cards are A LOT smaller! Writing up your cue cardsEach part of your speech from its introduction to conclusion should be able to be reduced to a key word orphrase that will act as a prompt triggering your memory for what it was you wanted to say.Do not be tempted to write the whole of your speech out.

A cue card should have the main topic or key word written at the top of the card in bold letters that are easy to read. Mapping out the presentation with an introduction, body sections and a conclusion will help keep the presentation organized. Cue cards can also provide the speaker with reminders for pauses or special emphasis to ensure that the pace of the presentation is planned and that the most important points are stressed appropriately.
Cue cards can also be used to record specific references, such as in an academic environment, where sources must be cited.
Keeping the cue cards discreetly in the palm of the hand will also project a more professional appearance. Remember, practice makes perfect, so it is worthwhile speaking into a mirror or to a friendly audience of friends or family to check the effective use of cue cards.
April CullenToronto Public Speaking ExaminerApril Cullen, a self-published author and blogger, with years of experience in making presentations as a public speaker, politician, facilitator, and professor, is eager to share her tips to overcome stage fright, giving your presentations the "wow" factor, and becoming a persuasive speaker. Three things you and Peyton Manning should consider before a job changeSuper Bowl 50 is over and the Broncos fans are ecstatic that their champion quarterback, Peyton Manning, was able to win what may end up being his last professional football game. The most interesting jobs for people who love to travelDo you ever feel like packing your bags and going on a journey you will never forget? However, one of the biggest factors that discourages people from taking up this game is that a pool cue stick is expensive and also rare. In case of pool, a cue stick is used to strike the cue ball, which pushes the other balls into the holes in the table. We must warn you though that you will need some actual hands-on practical knowledge of working with a wood lathe to be able to make a cue by following the procedure mentioned below.
Whether the cue will be hard hitting or soft hitting depends largely on the type of wood that is used to make it.
Start by roughing out some blanks of hard maple wood to around 1" in diameter, and set them aside to dry. True this shaft with the lathe running at 1500 rpm, and jump the speed to 2000 rpm during the finishing process. Also, keep the contact surface between the wood and the tool as small as possible to avoid excessive vibrations.
Remove the spur attachment, reverse the blank and remount it in the chuck, and bring the tailstock in position.
If the diameter of the ferrule is larger than the shaft tip, turn it on the lathe to make it of the same diameter as the shaft tip.

This method will make sure that you have perfect alignment, which you probably will not be able to achieve while tapping. You will know whether the previous step was done correctly if the shaft runs true when the lathe is turned. It should feel like a complete piece without any joints and edges if you run your finger over it. If you are a novice to woodworking though, we strongly recommend that you just buy a ready-made cue stick.
Because desktop 3D printers are not able to achieve the strength and resolution desired, they designed their own 3D printing machines for creating pool cues only.
You may need to edit if its too long and its a loteasier to do before you write your cue cardsOnce you have the length right(3 mins), if possible get other people in the class tolisten to you.
Cues are generally made of wood, but occasionally are also made of fiberglass, carbon, and graphite. For instance, ebony and cocobolo produce a hard-hitting cue stick, while rosewood produces a softer-hitting cue.
The reason for reversing the shaft is that it is easier to true the shoulder on the tailstock end rather than the headstock. This is because you might get into an accident, as working with a lathe can be quite dangerous if you are not familiar with it, while also wasting a lot of money on the raw materials.
Have them give you feedback on the information, the structure anddelivery, paying particular attention to the introduction and the conclusion.
The shoulder should be angled 1-3A° in, so the outside of the blank rests in the back of the chuck. The shaft should feel like a complete piece without any edges when you run your finger over it. I also write whichpart of the speech the card is for: introduction, body and conclusion as a heading in the top left.
It helps me keeptrack of where Im up to.Double check the effectiveness of each card as you write them to make sure you are using keyword or phrasesthat actually do trigger your memory. Forgetting how you got from one piece of information to the next not onlyleaves you stranded but your audience as well.NB.

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