When a customer comes to you with a dilemma or an objection, do you try to solve the problem right away? The post 5 Vital Steps to Help You Handle Real Estate Sales Objections appeared first on Jeff Shore.
My wife Melissa and I have only been married for five and a half years and I have learned a ton in that time. Here’s the problem: when I try to solve Melissa’s problem too quickly it usually backfires on me.
Vital Step #1: Allow the customer to “Talk it out” – Don’t interrupt customers when they start giving you an objection.
Vital Step #2: Ask them to “Tell you more about that” – This is the most vital step in handling objections. C: “Well, we have a ton of BBQ get-togethers and I just think the power lines look horrible. This is a bit oversimplified to illustrate how the steps work, yet I hope you get the idea. When you implement theses five vital steps for handling real estate sales objections, your customer will see you as a collaborator rather than a manipulator. What it does not call for is doing the same thing the same way that everyone has always done.
Game Changer #2: Take a look at your brainstorm and ask yourself what you might be able to adapt and utilize in today’s environment. Become a game-changer for your sales team by joining me at my Sales Leadership Summit in San Diego, August 18-19.
While there are plenty of great sales people fighting the stereotype of the "sleazy salesperson", unfortunately there are others who still portray a great deal of sleaze. The post How to See Past Sales Adversity & Find the Greater Good appeared first on Jeff Shore.
His career has primarily been in homebuilding, but during his “finding himself” years and while considering pursuing medicine as a career path, he worked briefly at a hospital in Washington DC for a transplant consortium. Simply put, he was the person who went in to speak with a family while their loved one was dying or had recently passed to discuss organ donation.
He doesn’t discuss his time in that role much because I think the emotional impact of those conversations still runs deep for him.
What he does say it that it was fulfilling to help others look past their own devastating pain, even for a brief moment, and find some happiness in helping others. While organ donation from a recently lost loved one is an extreme example of adversity in our life, we all face adversity almost daily — especially in sales.
You might face problems with a co-worker, dealing with a demanding or difficult client, or dealing with a deeper, more emotional personal issue.
Look for the lessons and the sales adversity becomes a learning milestone not a barrier to your success and happiness.
When you feel bad or are facing adversity in your own life, instead of focusing on yourself, help others as a way to move through and past the difficult time.
It may seem odd to suggest that the best way for you to feel better is to make others happy, but evidence shows that this approach is the best way to bring yourself more joy. In a study done by Harvard University and The University of British Columbia, researchers asked participants to remember a time when they bought something for themselves and then remember a time when they bought something for another person.
Researchers took measurements after each recall and it was clear that participants were much happier when recalling a time when they did something for another person. The same participants were given a small amount of money and told they could anonymously spend it on themselves or someone else.
The happier the participants felt about their past generosity, the more likely they were to spend the money on someone else, thus producing a type of “positive feedback loop” between kindness and happiness. You want to make sure they “get it,” so you go around the table asking for an affirmative nod from every salesperson: all good. The very next day you are eavesdropping on a sales presentation and you are listening for your salesperson to demonstrate this new behavior. You are fighting a deeply engrained habit and you are fooling yourself, my friend, if you think you can change years of established behavior in a single sales meeting. If you want to see this play out properly, you need to understand change from the perspective of the person who needs to change – the sales representative.
If the idea fails either of these tests, you will receive what I call the “Smile-and-Nod.” They will smile, they will nod, but deep down they will reject. At some point the salespeople must (at least in theory) accept this new behavior as both valid and beneficial. Let me be clear: attempting a new and unpracticed behavior in front of a customer is, most definitely, not a safe environment. Give your salespeople the opportunity to practice extensively; first alone, then with a peer, and finally with you.
Get it out of your head that behavioral change comes in the form of an e-mail or a sales meeting or a single conversation. If you want to learn more about Behavioral Metrics™ and driving higher levels of execution and accountability with your sales team, then you need to join me for Execute 2016 on August 18-19, 2016 in beautiful Coronado, CA. For sales teams with aggressive sales goals and high standards, Execute 2016 is the event that helps sales leaders pull the right levers without running their company into the ground. PLUS you’ll enjoy time with our special guest, Brian Tracy, who will share his wisdom and answer your questions on how you can achieve all of your personal and business goals faster and easier than you ever imagined. Amazing Truth #1: Adversity is totally natural – I once heard that life would be perfect if people weren’t involved. Amazing Truth #2: What you focus on expands – In my seminars I share how race car-driving students learn to look towards the track and not towards the wall when they are spinning out and facing a crash. When adversity pops up in your life, stay focused on where you want to go rather than the obstacle in front of you.
Amazing Truth #3: You need to plan for adversity – You may have heard the phrase “Proper Planning Produces Peak Performance” before.

Spend time thinking about the obstacles that could potentially pop up and preemptively determine how you are going to handle them when they do.
Maybe you write a $1,000 check to someone and tell him or her that if you eat the cake, they can have the money. Amazing Truth #4: Adversity is a phenomenal learning tool – Have you ever met someone who just seems to have wisdom? The post 4 Steps To Help You Learn From Adversity and Failure appeared first on Jeff Shore. I was on the ice this week, getting in a little early morning practice on my hockey technique. I also had to smile at the very thought of just how many times I’ve experienced failure along the way. You can define selling as the process of overcoming multiple moments of adversity in pursuit of a purchase agreement. You can define selling as the process of overcoming multiple moments of adversity in pursuit of a purchase agreement. Either way, if you want a career in sales, be prepared to deal with adversity. Here are three tips on dealing with some of the most common moments of adversity you will face in sales.
Winning the sales from the mean people is the best way to increase your sales exponentially and quickly. But not to worry, most people who have trouble expressing themselves have a partner who has no trouble at all sharing all their thoughts and opinions. The non-talker is often quite capable of talking through the voice of the other non-present buyer. Here’s what you do: get around to everyone quickly and assess their motivation levels by asking some form of “So, what has you thinking about buying a new [insert the name of your product] today?” Based on their answers you can decide who to re-engage with first on a deeper level. Mastering these moments of sales adversity creates greater self-confidence for you as a sales professional and creates a more enjoyable experience for your prospects.
My daughter Katie was quite the soccer player back in the day, and one of her greatest strengths was her mental game. Late in one of her high school matches she found herself defending one-on-one with an opposing player. And, if you’re not extremely careful, you feel your confidence sink like a bowling ball in quicksand. Carry the past defeat into the future opportunity and you’ll find self-doubt doing a dance on your head.
Several times each year Shore Consulting hosts a dynamic, interactive and career-changing real estate sales program called The 4:2 Formula Academy™. Instead, tell customers about other buyers who shared the same objection and yet decided to purchase anyway. This is often referred to as The Law of Social Proof which states that people are more inclined to do things that other people like them are already doing. In the case of the small backyard, find other buyers who shared the same objection and purchased in spite of it. In reference to the small backyard objection, I would simply ask, “Let me ask…let’s say you loved everything else and decided to move in to this home anyway.
Almost immediately you see the customer’s eyes dart around to solve his or her own problem.
That being the case, you may need to simply ask, “Is the backyard something you could live with?” If the answer is “No” then you know it is a deal killer. So, if you want to revolutionize your sales career, take some time to learn a little bit more about The 4:2 Formula Academy. Foldable You need 6 pieces of printer paper Stagger the pages about 1cm (width of pinky finger) DO NOT make the tabs too large!!!!!
Foldable Layout Label the tabs of the foldable according to the diagram to the right Use some way (choice is yours) to show which tabs make up Meiosis I and which tabs make up Meiosis II Vocabulary (11 th tab) Meiosis Meiosis Introduction Interphase Prophase I Metaphase I Anaphase I Telophase I & Cytokinesis Prophase II Metaphase II Anaphase II Telophase II & Cytokinesis Mitosis vs. Note Taking Key Text in black will be copied into your flipbook Vocabulary words will be like this ? Meiosis Highlight them as well in your flipbook, so that you know to memorize them and definition for the test. Meiosis Introduction (1 st tab upper half) Process of reduction division Purpose: Produces gametes (sex cells) – sperm & egg Meiosis is NOT a cycle like mitosis. Meiosis Introduction (1 st tab bottom half) Draw the general cell division stages and label them Do NOT worry about drawing the chromosomes at this time. Prophase I (3 rd tab – upper half of page) Corresponding homologous chromosomes from each parent pair up to form homologous pairs When homologous chromosome overlap its called crossing over. Importance of crossing over The gene combinations that a person gets from his or her parents will be different, to varying degrees, than the combination a sibling may get.
Prophase II (7 th tab lower half) Each of the Meiosis II stages are running in 2 cells at the same time.
Anaphase II Anaphase II Nondisjunction in Meiosis II In the third picture you see how the lower red chromosome only has one spindle fiber attached In the fourth picture it caused one gamete to have an extra chromatid and the other gamete to be missing one. Because you have listened and uncovered the real objection, your solution will be more accurate and it will have more weight simply because you allowed the customer to express their concerns in a safe environment. After you have confirmed that your solution will work (Step 4), then you want to re-close on whatever you were closing on originally.
So it sounds like you’re worried that the power lines will distract people from enjoying your beautiful home. While many people equate being a game-changer with being famous, that isn't particularly true. Don’t settle for average, Execute 2016 is the event that will propel your best strategies into action.
Amy O'Connor says that’s what true selling is all about – helping others better their lives and achieve deeper levels of true happiness. And that’s what true selling is all about – helping others better their lives and achieve deeper levels of true happiness. Sales adversity is everywhere and, while you can’t avoid it, you can control what you do with it.

Engaging in a kind deed makes you happy and then more likely to continue your altruistic behavior. While it might be a good idea, you could be fighting years of habits that have been engraved in the minds of your sales professionals. You are rolling out a unified sales technique to your team, something you want everyone to follow. You are fighting a behavior that was ensconced in the mind of that salesperson for years or even decades. Give your salespeople permission to try this on for size rather than just jamming it down their collective throat. The better you are at it, the more people you will help and, in turn, the more commissions you will earn. The better you are at it, the more people you will help and, in turn, the more commission you will earn.
With that backdrop, here are four thoughts to help you with adversity in sales and in your life. Think back in your life to any time you were learning something new or reaching for a new goal. As you think back to those times, you will remember the obstacles that popped up almost instantly. When you make the decision to start a new company, someone threatened to sue you for the company name you chose.
I know that sounds easier said than done and it takes discipline to not become obsessed with your adversity. He was skating repeatedly up and down the ice, working on how to turn around and skate backwards. No, I don’t mean look out for them so you can avoid them, but rather seek them out so you can win them over and make those incremental sales!
The nice buyers are already getting plenty of attention and help from dozens of other salespeople. You know, the person who stares blankly at your perfectly timed and phrased discovery question? This is a classy problem to have and here’s what you need to remember – it is your job to spend your time with the person most likely to buy from you today. Here's how we can learn from Katie and create a similar mental game for when we run into sales adversity. It gets inside your head quickly, and just as quickly it descends to a discomfort in your gut. As she was jogging back to her position for the ensuing kick-off she reached into the air in front of her, extended her right arm, and closed her hand around something invisible. The challenge with this strategy is we often lack credibility when we say, “I know how you feel.” I also believe that buyers smell a sales tactic here.
Ask them how they made the backyard work and then share those stories with potential customers that share the same concern about the yard size.
It’s a 12-week learning cycle that features a three-day live coaching event along with with video lessons, webinars and certification testing to help you maximize your selling potential and maximize your commissions. Haploid Diploid – a cell that contains homologous chromosomes (one from each parent) represented by the symbol 2n –Found in somatic or body cells (ex.
You should have all these words already defined in your notebook, but if not use this to do so and STUDY them.
A cell that is “N” for chromosome amount Diploid – A cell that has twice the amount of chromosome.
Think of yourself as a customer service agent or a reporter who needs to get all of the facts. With that in mind, simply ask if the solution you provided would be acceptable or if it is an idea that would help. Find any and all opportunities to move through the sales adversity and participate in acts of kindness towards yourself and others.
Skating backwards was not his failure, but the act of turning around put him on his well-padded backside again and again. Amy O'Connor explains how sales people can overcome these adverse moments and still close the sale.
You feel like the whole world just saw your mistake, as if the fifty people on the sidelines were actually 50,000. At that point, you just need to handle the objection using the cards you’ve been dealt.
The idea here is to get the customer out of a complaining mindset and into a creative mindset.
You do not have to draw the picture for all of Meiosis II because you’ll draw each stage individually. You know, I’ve seen a few other homeowners in the neighborhood come up with some great solutions. She was the first African American woman to receive a patent, having invented the foldaway bed. Here’s the problem: when you try to solve your customer's problem too quickly, it has a tendency to backfire.
The Johnson’s down the street did some awesome landscaping that really screens out the power lines and they’re back yard is gorgeous!
Here's a simple 5-step process for truly understanding and solving your customer's objections.

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