The term Infographics usually refers to a design that visually represents information, making data more easily understandable. A Multipurpose Prezi template with a 3D world symbol and colorful lines for different topics. A professional and simple infographic Prezi template with colorful cubes on a world map background.
Find solutions to difficult problems with this simple infographic prezi template with 4 colorful jigsaw puzzle pieces inside a magnifying glass. Creative Business bar graph or chart Prezi Template with Business people silhouettes and a 3D paper background. With our collection of infographic and diagram Prezi Templates you will be able to present various business and educational reports, charts, graphs in a creative way. Doesn’t matter if your company is small or a big corporation, your presentation will look good, as is it very easy to customize templates and add business information, logos, text and images. Prezi is a presentation software with a zoomable user interface and a storytelling tool for presenting ideas on a virtual canvas.

I love Power Point but for me, going back and forth between school and home, Prezi is becoming my go to. Create world infographics about politics, population, demographics etc… Zoom in and add your content.
Minimalistic and simple for presenting worldwide ideas, statistics, facts or any other global information. Zoom into the squares and create a presentation about the world and why it is time to change.
Our various diagram Prezi templates are perfect for presenting your simple mind maps for creative ideas, or take it to another level and build complex connection diagrams with customizable templates. I am a junior at Saint John Fisher College, majoring in Childhood Education and Special Education.
Visualize your numerical data colorfully with creative concepts, symbols and your message will become much more clear to your audience. With our customizable infographic prezi templates you can make every presentation look unique.

A large variety of circle diagrams, flow diagrams, pyramid diagrams and many more with illustrative and colorful 3D shapes. Change the colors, resize the infographic diagram elements and add information according to your needs. It has many different and unique features that we are not able to explore in PowerPoint - such as the zoom in feature and connecting ideas through "jumping" to the next slide.
As I have become more comfortable with the software, it has become more fun and exiting to use and also still learn about what the site has to offer. PowerPoint is always still an option for me, but for presentations (especially for education classes) I feel as though Prezi is the way to go considering how much more exiting and engaging it is for your classmates and teacher.

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