This tutorial is about how to connect your iPad to a projector(such as projector in a campus Smart Room or business conference room ), and play your slideshow on a  bigger screen from iPad.
So what app you can you use to make a slideshow presentation?  Photo Slideshow Director HD is the answer. Note: If the slideshow includes music, you’ll need to connect your iPad using the minijack (or headphone jack) to an external amplification system to hear the audio. To connect the iPad to a projector with HDMI input use an HDMI cable and Apple Digital AV Adapter. This article is about how to transfer a photo slideshow video from iPad to computer and burn an iPad slideshow to DVD on Windows and Mac.
People can do many things with iPad, like watching movies, taking photos, listening to music. Then you can see a row of Synchronous contents buttons in the upper part of iTunes Screen, click the third icon “App” icon . Choose “Photo Director” from the apps list, find the slideshow video you want to transfer in right column “Photo Director Documents”, then drag it to your computer desktop or a specific folder. After creating a slideshow with Photo Slideshow Director HD , you can share the slideshow to computer(both PC and Mac) with its built-in WiFi Transfer.
After transferring the slideshow to your computer,  now you can burn the slideshow to DVD for watching latter or playing on TV or DVD player. Add your photos from the iPad Camera Roll to the iPad Slideshow Maker, optionally add your favorite music, pick up a ready-made template. Choose from various slideshow themes to turn your photos and music into a stunning slideshow in minutes.You do not need to build anything from scratch, like slideshow frame, background color, transition, etc. You can make photo slideshow movies on iPad, but you can export and share your iPad slideshows everywhere. Begin a YouTube slideshow with importing photos and music into Photo Slideshow Director HD(App Store Link). You can add multiple songs into a slideshow, and sync a slideshow to music with its music and slideshow synchronization feature.

In the pop-up window, enter your Gmail and password associated with your YouTube into the boxes. When put your slideshow on a projector, you can showcase your photo presentation to many people in a room.
We need to use an adapter to convert the HDMI signal that comes from an iPad to  the VGA signal needed to go into the projector. With iPad, you can take photos and then make a slideshow with your photos using slideshow app—Photo Slideshow Director HD. Tap “Export” icon and choose “Share Movie to Photo Library” , write the title and description, choose the resolution, and tap “Publish”. Open iTunes on your computer, click iPad name under the “DEVICES” list in the left side of the screen. Tap “Export” icon and choose “WiFi Transfer”, then a dialogue box will show up, providing a URL address. Because Widows DVD Maker does not support mp4 and mov format (Photo Slideshow Director HD exports mp4 and mov slideshow video formats.), So you need to convert your mp4 or mov video to avi first.
Then click Start-All Programs->Windows DVD Maker, then drag the avi video to Windows DVD Maker. The high resolution and Retina display make your iPad an excellent photo and slideshow viewer.
You can play the created photo slideshos on your iPad, export them to HDTV or post to YouTube, Facebook and more.
Simply tap to use a template or theme, it will automatically decorate your slideshow with optimized presets and parameters.
Playing your stunning photo shows on iPad is a great fun, but you have more options than that. Besides getting photos from iPad photo library, it allows you to use photos from Facebook, Flickr, Picasa, Dropbox, SkyDrive and Instagram by signing into your accounts. If you are satisfied with it, go to next step, otherwise, go back to customize the slideshow.

You can enter title and description, select a video resolution, and set the viewing permission. The iPad slideshow app also provides kinds of effects, such as dynamic transitions and pan & zoom effects, themes.
The app will begin encoding and saving the slideshow to Camera Roll in mp4 (or mov)  format. You can use Clone2go Video Converter Free Version to convert the video and choose output format as as avi. You can also burn a DVD with iDVD on a old Mac operation system.Here, I will show you how to use app Burn to create a DVD on Mac. If your video is not mpg format, it will remind you to convert your video to mpg video which can be compatible with the software. Multiple audio tracks are supported, so you can add more than one songs to your iPad slideshow. You can play your iPad slideshow video on HDTV with the big TV screen, the high-resolution photo slideshow video are more awesome.
Playing iPad photos, building dynamic slideshows and sharing with friends and family become so easy and fun with it. There will be a timeline shows how long your slideshow and music last, it is easy to keep them synced. You can also publish your slideshows from iPad to YouTube or Facebook directly to share on the internet with anyone anywhere. Also you can use Drop Box to store your slideshow in cloud server first, then download it to your computer.
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