Artists are obviously very imaginative and creative people and there is no limit to their innovations and experiments. In looking at these beautiful white and pink dresses, it would be difficult to tell that these creations are completely made out of toilet paper. It is an artistic dress that is handmade purely out of phonebook paper designed by Jolis Paons. British artist’s Susie MacMurray’s bridal dress is made from 1,400 inverted rubber gloves – yes, just the common household variety for doing the dishes. A Chinese condom manufacture Guilin Latex hosted a condom fashion show where condoms of different colors, flavors and sizes were used to make dresses, hats, a wedding dress, night gowns, bikinis, a clock, lollipops (Ew) and other stuff.
Generally balloons are associated with children’s parties and they might even reach artistic constructions and creative design. This fashion may not the be the best looking around, but there is no questioning their green credentials as the clothing is made entirely from used drink cans.
Newspaper fashion by Elena Gregusova is anything but ‘trashy’.  In fact, the recycled fashion is extremely creative and sculptural.
Brazilian artist Adriana Bertini, has designed fourteen garments for Dress Up Against AIDS, that are made entirely from condoms. Chocolate tastes great, makes us feel happy, goes over well with any child, is excellent for bribery, and can look incredibly sexy when eaten slowly. The dress that is made from over 2,000 casino chips is part of an installation called ‘States of Dresses,’ while the ‘Dollar Store Dresses’ exhibit features a wedding gown made from whiffle balls and a dress made out of kitchen sponges. This amazing 30 second ad features a woman clad in a water dress that moves fluidly as she walks. This dress made of plastic bags enticing customers to bring their bags in exchange for fun samples of their beauty products.
Well… I’m not sure what to make of this dress… apparently it’s fashioned out of 196 packages of ramen noodles.
Fashion designer Luana Jardim showed a collection of dresses, Specular,  made of iron at Fashion Rio.  If these gowns needed alterations, would you need a welder or a blow torch? The dress made of out of trash, recycling old packaging, cans, newspapers and more, proving waste can be made in to striking fashion with the right touch. Grab some toilet tissue rolls, make you some little pieces out of scrapbook paper to close one end of the tube off.  That way your treats wont fall out. Glue your scrap of paper on to the end of the tube, then glue strips of scrapbook paper around the tube.  Stuff with goodies.
To make the ears you will fold one open end of the tube inward, and then fold the other side on top of that.

As I became more disciplined with 'calendar prayer' I became (duh!) familiar with how well-spent (or not) my days were.
It's every teacher's hope to see our students excel; moreso, as pastors, we hope to see our students bloom into Jesus' disciples. Or, maybe I've been living on the amusement park teacups, but wow am I grateful someone stopped the ride to let me off!I just spent the first 14 days of June fighting the most frustrating situation that I think a person like me can face!
From the Archbishop of Canterbury's Presidential address to the Anglican Consultative Council-13, June 20, 2005:The debate over sexuality is a story that can be told more than one way.
Each dress is made of hundreds of balloons tied together to create incredible gowns that would be wearable if the model never had to sit or lay down.
She has spent the last ten years creating these vibrant designs in hopes of conveying the message that condoms are a critical vehicle for the prevention of AIDS. We’ve seen chocolate as presents, drinks, prizes, statues and much more, but until now, we haven’t seen chocolate clothing.
The dress is made from Sterling Pound notes and is modeled by a UK television news personality. I don’t imagine it would be too comfortable but I must say the model certainly wears it well.
I somehow came in contact with a nasty virus that most people are immune to from childhood (but not me, aren't I special?), which not only made me "sick" but allowed me the special honor of having a full blown case of vertigo. The designers here have utilized materials which are not generally used in fashion as fabric to create some extraordinary and mind blowing gowns. Paons says of the Paper Dress she designed and created for her Creative Processes class, “I pleated, stuck, sewed, and glued everything by hand.”It’s amazing what you can do with simple resources when creativity is involved. The American fashion designers Katie Laibstain, 23, and Steven Jones, 39 are creating everything from bikinis to party dresses made entirely out of balloons.  They are attracting a lot of hot air over their new collection. We have also included dresses made from various paper products like newspaper, toilet tissue and currency, iron, human hair, condoms, cans, and plastic bags and chocolates. The outfits are nothing more then modelling balloons by filling them with air and twisting them together to a perfect and fashionable outfit. Over the years, she's shared some pieces she'd written - poetry about faith, essays and such - and I've always been touched by her depth of faith and expression. For a variety of reasons, they have been trying to reclaim their credibility by accepting and seeking to domesticate the moral values of their culture, even though this is a culture that is practically defined by the rejection of the living God.
A history of over-intellectual approaches to the Bible and the communication of the faith has led to a disregard of the Bible's call to transformation. The fact that this followed about a month of just not feeling well overall didn't help either.I lay on my couch, or my bed, with absolutely no distraction from looking at the ceiling or the top half of the walls.

The revolt against the plain meaning of Scripture's condemnation of same-sex activity is a symptom of this general malaise.Another story is this. I asked if I could read the sermons, and was pleasantly astonished at their simplicity, their boldness, and their orthodox clarity. The churches of the North have been made aware of how much their life and work has been sustained in the past by insensitive and oppressive social patterns, with the Bible being used to justify great evils. It isn't always so obvious, but it is clear to me that God does honor the practice of surrendering all of my time to His Lordship. Whether they like it or not, they inhabit a world where authority is regarded with much suspicion; it has to earn respect. In recent decades there has been a huge change in the general understanding of sexual activity. Can the gospel be heard in such a world if it seems to cling to ways of understanding sexuality that have no correspondence to what the most apparently responsible people in our culture believe? It is not enough, some have said, to stick to the words of the Bible; we have to go deeper and ask about the logic and direction of the Bible as a whole.
Perhaps the most difficult is how we make a moral assessment of modern culture in the developed world. I must have done something right, because much happened as others stepped up to responsibility. Everyone asks someone for help, you just have to ask yourself if you are asking the right person.
The Lord very clearly used this to get my attention about resting both physically and spiritually in Him.
Your pain can not slow Him Job 3:14-16 says a€?But the Lord will be a refuge for his peoplea€? so the only way to get past your pain is to put your hope in God. I spent a lot of time praying - eventually for more than "please, Lord, let me up from this couch!"I can live without coffee!
Not stopping for doubt, not slowing for shame, He comes running key in hand ready to enter.
If you look through history you will see that most rulers love control, they love power, and they try to make things their own way. This isn't the first time that God has been forced to use physical illness to get my undivded attention (stories for another day).

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