To make teh above horse mask, just print out our paper horse mask template and follow the instructions on that page.
To learn how to draw realistic and cartoon-style horses, pick one of the thumbnail pictures above to follow that lesson. Styrofoam Pipe Cleaner Horses - Make these horses from yarn, pipe cleaners, and styrofoam cylinders. 3D Traveling Circus Paper Model - Cut out and fold up this horse-drawn circus lion cage and wagon.
Oatmeal Box Rocking Horse for Your Doll - Even dolls get bored, make this rocking horse out of an oatmeal container, cardboard, a mail tube, ribbon, and a few other items. Paper Bag Headed Hobby Horses - Find out how to make this hobby horse made with a large paper bag, yarn mane, string reins, and a broomstick as the stick to place the head on. Push a discarded broomstick all the way to the heel and pack cotton around it to make the neck.

Either paste it on cardboard or make a copy of it and then trace your pattern on a sheet of lightweight cardboard. Spread newspapers out to protect your counters or table and make the above horse as directed.
Just print one out, cut it out and then for the first horse above, just fold on the dotted lines.
Tack to broomstick after securing it tightly around cuff with a fringed piece of red oilcloth, cloth or plastic. Stuff the paper bag with newspapers, allowing room for the broomstick to fit into the horse's head.
Make a bridle by sewing or gluing on buttons and gluing brightly colored ribbon on the face. For the second horse model, first cut the slit and place the head in there, and then fold ont he dotted lines.

Then braid a long strip of yarn for the reins, and fasten this across the toe of the sock.
Cut plenty of yarn in 6-inch strips for a heavy mane, and glue or sew this in place along the seam of the sock. Glue to horse's head (sketch c) , then tack to broomstick any portion extending beyond paper bag.

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