Making money online might seem like a pipedream to those who have no website or their own online platform, but it is simpler than most people may think.
When you start out on your new website-less online business, you may get a bit worried initially to see that you cannot gather enough money through this practice. Moreover, there are other benefits like freedom to work according to your own schedule and convenience to work at your preferred place (home for example). Writing industry is ever growing and when it comes to online writing, you have multiple opportunities of work at your disposal. From time to time Apple Apps developers release free promo codes for iPhone Applications which you can use and get the application on a discount or free of cost. While a lot of this is true, there are a lot of misconceptions about building silo websites and there have tons of different formulas & charts that have sprouted all claiming that their way is the right way. Each of these keywords and the content I could write about are all sub-topics to my main topic (training dogs). As traffic would start to come in on my sub-topic pages, it would boost the authority and ranking of my main topic, thus improving it’s rank in the SERPS.
Now let’s say I have tons of pages on my site, but some of them relate to the topic of red. If there’s pages that can be linked to 2 topics, you can do that too, AS long as it makes sense to do so.

At the end of the day, silo structuring is really just interlinking your site in a way that makes it easier to navigate. Within this post, I talk about various things: Silo programs, how to build websites, choosing niche topics. Think about it, if someone reading this page reads that you should start with a niche, it makes sense to write a post about choosing niches and link the 2 pages together. Find low competition keywords related to your niche and interlink your site WHERE it makes sense. No matter what field you want to explore or make money in, you can build your blog based on your business plan.
Money wise, a freelance job can benefit you a lot as you do not have much cost associated with the work you produce for your clients. Now most iPhone users dont even know about this feature because most of them directly use the App Store offered within the iPhone where they tap on the keys and click on Buy Now and get the App downloaded. In this case, think about your potential visitors & not trying to appease search engines. Notice in some areas, I link people to different posts which talk about each individual topic I just labeled.
Whether you are a photographer or a web developer, you can always find thousands of people who are in search of freelancers like you.

For instance, you can give your services as a writer to a well-known blog that attracts massive web traffic. But if you browse around the web you will find many websites offering free promo codes for different Apps which can be redeemed easily.
In fact, no matter what kind of site you build, the visitor should be your #1 focus and making their experience worthwhile on your site. In this case it won’t matter because everything you have is all going to be based on 1 niche topic, thus making the linking much more logical and easier. If you have written an article or two for some websites before, you can add them to your profile as a sample of your past work. Many people when building websites make the common mistake or targeting several topics at once and not sticking to a specific niche.

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