First, this guide assumes basic knowledge of building websites and isn't for people who are just learning HTML.
PHP, CSS and (X)HTML are critical for making an effective, easy to modify, and standards compliant website. XHTML is the successor to HTML according to the World Wide Web Consortium which sets HTML, CSS, and XHTML standards, among other things. XHTML was developed as a cleaner, stricter, and more compliant web language for the future. CSS is short for Cascading Style Sheets, and is used to centrally format XHTML or HTML pages on a website.

PHP stands for PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor, and is a server side programming language used extensively on the Internet.
PHP can do many things, but for this guide it is relatively basic, the PHP require function. The PHP require function allows your web pages to reference outside files for things such as menus, advertisements, and footers. If you were to look at the page source of a site made using PHP includes, you would not see any includes. First create a text file with the HTML or XHTML code for the item you want, for these purposes a menu.

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