I’ve experimented with the transmitters below, so this is from first-hand experience.
Podcasting is cool, but radio can reach people who would never find a given podcast…those who are not Internet savvy, or even people who are who Internet savvy, but just dig radio. Time was when non-profit groups in America could get a license for a community radio station of up to 100 watts, which can more than cover a large city or even a county. While using a radio transmitter on an unused frequency for community radio is a CLEAR natural right, as well as use of the First Amendment of The Constitution of the United States (that the United States is supposed to abide by), the pen-pusher fed goons don’t like it. Also, there is a long tradition of transmitting freedom propaganda into occupied territory, such as the USA’s ongoing Radio Free Europe, which violated Soviet law to transmit into the USSR and into East Berlin during the Cold War. While many citizens do run transmitters at 500 mW (or even much higher) for YEARS without getting in trouble, breaking the law is bad, um’kay?
A lot of transmitters on eBay (and Amazon) ship from Hong Kong, which is a crap shoot if you’ll even receive it. It’s even possible to broadcast to a rectangle of ten miles by four miles with 500 mW, using this same transmitter.
On the off chance you get a knock at your door, I would not let them in without a warrant, and one should stop transmitting. If you want to lower the chances of getting in trouble, you need to make sure you’re being a good neighbor to your fellow broadcasters (and to your neighbors. All the small made-in-China transmitters listed here are incredibly inexpensive, and represent a great leap in technology and price from any previous transmitters that can solidly hold on one station with no drift.
The Ramsey FMLP1WT listed above is a very good low-pass filter, even though it kinda looks like a fish tank filter, lol.
An easy way to start would be to run a mix of Freedom Feens and LRN.fm most of the day, and do a one-hour show yourself one hour a week and then expand to one hour a day or more.
Some people have been known to camouflage an antenna inside of PVC pipe, which does not attract as much attention on a roof as an naked antenna on a roof. If you have to have it inside, an antenna in the upper floors or attic of a building is better than on a lower floor. An ideal location is any populated area, especially near college dorms or a near a highway with slow rush-hour traffic.
Stickers with your frequency, city, and some symbol of what you do, or the name of your show. Some people run gear from a hidden public location or empty building and consider the gear expendable.
Several people in different areas could chip in and buy a system, and each run it for a few months, then pass it on to the next in the group, in a rotation. Posted in Cool stuff we like!, damn liberals, guns, liberty, punk rock, man!, take action NOW!, The road to serfdom. This instructional video offers a description and overview of how to set up your own FM broadcast station. You will be looking at what it really takes to set up your own radio station and create a recorded radio broadcast.
Harris Federation is a highly successful group of 35 primary and secondary Academies all based in and around London.

There’s a thrill you get from being in your car listening to something you put out without the nerding around of the Internet.
But a while back, the gub’mint sold out to a very small number of huge corporations who each own most of the radio and TV stations in every town. They make part of their living selling permission slips to transmit, and they rake in billions from this.
They still do this all over the world, while at the same time, preventing us from doing the same here, AND trying to regulate what we say and do on the Internet.
And if it’s defective, good luck returning it and getting your money back, if it even makes it through customs both ways. Powering up your transmitter without a proper antenna attached will damage the transmitter. They are cheap, but they do NOT have built-in low-pass filters, so you need to add one between the transmitter output and the antenna.
It has no polarity, so it doesn’t matter which side you connect the antenna into and which side you connect the transmitter output into.
The best thing to transmit is either talk radio and music you produce, or talk radio and music produced by people who don’t mind if you broadcast it. It’s funny, smart, has a large following, and is produced with very high audio quality, and with limited dynamics, which is perfect for radio.
These transmitters do have a microphone jack, or you can pre-record your show and drop the MP3s into the random mix with other people’s episodes.
This is because roofs, especially in cities, often have various tubes and pipes sticking out of them. You might want to run your media from a spare computer using iTunes or Windows Media Player or other player, set on random shuffle. If you live in an area with a lot of lightning and you put the antenna on a high roof, you should have a lightning rod elsewhere on your house. I do not own any of this gear, I sold it to some church folk at a gun show after I was done testing it. And there are a lot of folks who channel-flip while driving (especially when stuck in traffic).
These government-backed monopolistic conglomerates fired all the DJs, replaced them with computer-automated DJ bots with songs picked by business dorks. The USA is now occupied territory….the Occupied States of America, with a cop on every corner, and no respect for Natural Rights or the Constitution.
YOU PROBABLY WOULDN’T GET IN TROUBLE IF YOU DID, BUT BE A GOOD BOY OR GIRL AND OBEY ALL LAWS! Running other electronics should be fine, but don’t run an FM radio receiver in the same room as the transmitter. Other than picking an open frequency, this is ABSOLUTELY THE MOST IMPORTANT THING I CAN TELL YOU. But unlike NPR, LRN actually allows and encourages people to share it anywhere they’d like. And greater range if your antenna is properly tuned, and if you can get it up as high as possible.

The PVC will not cut down much on transmission power, but it will protect the antenna from the elements. It doesn’t take a very powerful computer to do this, so you can use the old one you replaced a few years ago. They usually wipe all their fingerprints from the gear, though really motivated goons could probably locate the buyer based on serial numbers and credit card records. This post includes details of ALL parts needed, links on where to order them, and how to set them up and configure them, as well as a lot of related information based on experience. Inexpensive low-power community radio can reach those people, bringing them a voice of true liberty.
When there are real (nationwide) hosts, many of the people calling in are coached, paid actors pretending to be real people. If the Occupied States of America thinks it’s their right, shouldn’t it be your right too? 500 mW can reach about 4 blocks (with rubber ducky antenna indoors) and over a mile and a half to two miles with a rooftop ? wave antenna.
But the ? wave antenna is, simply by making the top, and the bottom (the radials), taller or shorter. Also a small sign on a stick in the ground right next to a highway where there is slow rush-hour traffic. I’m just passing on information, in a theoretical capacity, for educational purposes only. He has great line of sight to his whole broadcast area, and there aren’t many buildings taller than where his antenna sits. The goons generally issue a cease-and-desist letter for the first few infractions, then threaten fines. Be safe, be legal (the social contract depends on it or we’ll degenerate into anarchy!), and most of all, ENJOY! That’s why every station in every town sounds the same, plays the same horrible music, and sounds like they choose what to play based on math and marketing and keeping people sheepish, rather than taking chances and making decisions based on taste.
It more or less stops dead when it hits a big hill or a line of tall buildings.) In an urban area, two miles each way is 16 square miles which is is potentially 250,000 people who live within the broadcast area, plus many more who drive through (and may be stuck in traffic if you live near a freeway). This is NOT being a good neighbor, and you may be interfering with other communications on other bands even though 100MHz might have been a clear channel. I take no responsibility for anything you do or anything that happens as a result of doing anything listed below. One of these transmitters can cover a medium-sized college campus plus off-campus areas where students live, shop and hang out.

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