In this dynamically developing world there is no need to prove how important it is today to be one step ahead of others in order to keep in touch with your business friends all over the place. According to the recent TNS Mobile Research, for about 6 billion mobile users unattached devices are the No. 1 medium today to organize their interpersonal private and business communication.Thus, the importance of mobile Internet will inevitably increase as with intensive penetration of Internet-ready 3G phones, mobile search and m-commerce will be used more and more. But what's even more important for website owners is to be sure that they have mobile-adapted websites. And this solution can be more attractive for most of them as there is no need to develop an application or completely redesign the website.The fact that mobile devices have significantly reduced screen sizes can't be ignored as well as loading time should be taken into consideration. Thata€™s why in order to make your website mobile friendly ita€™s better to keep in mind some basic rules:1. Mobile users often search for the most important information such as your location, contact data or office hours. So be sure that the most relevant information about your activity and services is easy to reveal with the help of a palm-sized device.2.

Mobile Internet is usually used while a mobile user is in motion so be sure your content is simple enough to scan it quickly. However, don't forget to leave the opportunity for your mobile visitor to find more information by going directly to the full version of your website.3. Keep your layout clear and a€?finger optimizeda€? by creating easy pathways to your valuable information so that your visitor could freely reach it.
Ita€™s also worth to make your navigation intuitive by eliminating less prioritized links and using liquid layout.4. While creating mobile optimized websites be attentive with images, since not all mobile browsers can sufficiently depict full-size images. While using Flash or Java in your mobile version there is a possibility to overload your website.
So if you don't want to lose a significant percentage of your potential customers avoid in your mobile version Java or Flash and think about making it in HTML5 and CSS3 to create scrolling.6. Ita€™s worth to use mobile redirects in order to readdress those who use tablet devices relying mostly on Wi-Fi and 3G to the mobile-friendly version of your site.

Be sure mobile users will appreciate the possibility to use mobile-optimized version of your site.7.
When designing your mobile-friendly website try to utilize properly white space as well as use appropriate fonts. Be attentive with the usage of jQuery scripts and plug-ins as not all portable devices are eager to support them.
Moreover, with the help of CSS in your coding you can make your mobile version suitable for reading and visually appealing for tiny screens.Now when youa€™ve looked through all the above mentioned basics that will help you enhance your searchability, ita€™s high time to get on board and fall into line with the mobile generation.

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