Please note that I also encourage responsible drinking, nobody wants to see you being escorted from a venue for being too drunk. If you are new to Brisbane, or just looking to get back out and about in Brisbane then please do come along, as you will meet so many people who are experiencing the same..
Don't be shy, join up, everyone will be in the same situation and looking to meet new people in and around Brisbane.. In the process you'll meet a variety of friendly bar enthusiasts, from backpackers, to corporate professionals, to people new in town and of course, the party people of Brisbane! There are many people who attend that limit themselves to one drink and others who do not drink at all.

It's a "lets not sit at home watching boring TV on a Saturday night club!" Couples, singles, anyone is welcome. If you come with friends, you are just going to talk to your friends all night and that's no fun! Yes there are many single people that attend, but it's the same as anywhere you go in Brisbane. I want this to be a positive social experience for everyone and make sure we cater for shy-types as well as social butterflies. If you feel you need a bit of moral support from friends though we also understand and that's no problem at all.

I have been doing this for almost 2 years now and we know how to make you all feel welcome.

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