Record the similarities and differences between your view and, that of the opposing side on a venn diagram or other graphic organizer. Answer the questions provided and post them, as a group, on a poster created for that purpose, as mentioned in Step 2, Part 13. Write a 5 paragraph position paper based on your role, in order to help the Counsel decide what Church policy should be. Report to the Independent Counsel in front of the College of Cardinals and Pope where you or your representatives will also be asked to explain how your information may help to change history.
Keepers of the Historical Archives will research information about the history of their people. Religious historians will research the historical information about the religion of their people. Cultural historians will research information about the lives of their people (marriage, clothing, food, family). Cartographers will research and recreate maps of their areas with appropriate legends (keys) and dates.
Military leaders will research and describe methods of fighting, weapons available, uniforms worn, etc. Representatives of each of the leaders will research their leader, and describe their motivation for the actions taken. Cortés will be allowed his own representative to plead his cause before the Independent Counsel.

Horoscope writers will use research (calendars, etc.) to organize and write monthly horoscopes for the parties involved. What do you know about Christopher Columbus, his four voyages, and motivations for his explorations? What occurred in the years 1519 to 1521 on the mainland of Mexico (from the time of Cortés landing to the final conquest of Tenochtitlan)?
What was Spain or Europe like from 1250 to 1519 and what role did Spain play in the European community?  In its history?
What was Mexico like from 1250 to 1519 and what role did the Mexica (Aztecs) play in its history?
If the Aztecs (and other Native Americans) had been able to voice their objection to the activities of the Spanish (Portuguese, French, English, etc.) other than by fighting and losing, how might history have been changed? What information can you give the College of Cardinals and their Independent Counsel in the year 1527?   Would your recommendations have changed history? Write in your journal every day, recording what you did, what you found, the questions you can answer and what the answers are. Have a dictionary on hand so you can look up any word you do not understand in text(s) you are using for research.
Have your history-social science textbook in front of you to access maps you cannot find on the Internet or in Atlases. How would history have changed if the Catholic Church, in 1527,  really had decided about future conquests based upon the information you learned in this activity?

King Felipe VI of Spain (R) and Queen Letizia of Spain (2L) receive President of Panama Juan Carlos Varela (L) and wife Lorena Castillo de Varela (2R) at the Royal Palace on September 8, 2014 in Madrid, Spain. Queen Letizia of Spain attends meeting with Princesa de Girona Foundation at the Royal Palace on December 14, 2015 in Madrid, Spain. Princess Letizia of Spain attends the lunch in ocassion of the 2013 Cervantes Award at the Royal Palace on April 22, 2014 in Madrid, Spain. This brings the total for the first two months of 2016 up to 10,606, almost 40% more than in the same period in 2015, and the forecast is that by the end of this year permission will have been granted for 60,000 new homes to be built in Spain.
During February the number of apartments for which licences were issued rose by 33% to 4,196, while the 1,467 licences for individual houses represented an increase of 39.7%. An illustration of how severe the boom-and-bust effect has been over the last decade is that in September 2006 licences were granted for the construction of over 126,000 homes, but by August 2013 the figure had dropped to only 1,585.
This would be the highest for five years, and at the same time the February figure was the most encouraging for any month since October 2011.
No-one is realistically expecting a return to the levels of ten years ago as it is essential that the building and buying frenzy of the boom years is not repeated, but at the same time it is encouraging that the construction sector is at last required in order to begin replenishing the stock of unsold properties in certain areas.

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