A little while ago, as you may know, there was a big hoo-hah about environmentally friendly car manufacturers, Tesla, and their not so ethical car interiors. Animal lovers urged Tesla to stop fitting their car interiors with leather and a proposal was put forward at their AGM. The manufacture of animal products is a leading cause of global environmental damage including climate change. In keeping with their environmental ethic, Tesla recently teamed up with Ben and Jerry’s on a campaign to raise awareness about climate change.
Oh, and that’s another thing – a dairy (animal) product to raise awareness about climate change??? Anyway, it turns out that even though the proposal for vegan interiors was overruled, Tesla do in fact already manufacture an all vegan eco-friendly vehicle!

The Model S does come fitted with a standard leather steering wheel but this can be substituted with a non-leather one on request. It’s really the steering wheel that sets it apart from many of its rivals as most luxury car manufacturers will not provide a non-leather alternative.
Elana will teach you all of the incredibly easy, incredibly healthy, and incredibly delicious ways to treat your body right. For people who are interested in going to vegan cooking & raw food vegan classes, as well as plant-based nutritional lectures.
In honoring of what the rawfoods lifestyle has to offer, the purpose of this group is to come together with like-minded healthy people who are interested in sharing community, support, recipes, raw related lifestyle info, and a sense of exponentially growing and evolving together. In the coming months I will bring you stories, events and many tasty recipes from all over the planet.

Much more than just food related, this group offers an invitation to belonging with others who are also interested in creatively exploring how food and lifestyle adjustments affect consciousness, relationships, happiness - and all aspects of life. Vitality, aliveness, excitement, support, sharing, information, and inspiration are the theme of what this group represents, scrumptious living foods is the bonus!

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