Just deciding it’s a good time to have sex and then both of you routinely taking off your clothes and getting under the covers is not sexy. An underlying assumption before we even get started is that you forget all of your body image issues. Your scent: A quality perfume that your man loves is the glue that ties the whole experience together.
Text him a sexy picture of yourself from the bedroom(or wherever you’re at in the house).
Going off of the last tip, just a surprise blowjob pretty much anywhere is the stuff of dreams for any guy. You will find that there is a direct correlation to the quality of his foreplay work and the handjob you’re giving him. You don’t have to fake anything, but exaggerating your moaning or heavy breathing turns a guy on like nothing else.
Just a reminder that the foreplay tradeoffs can and are exciting for the guy, but don’t leave him hanging too long. Do you know how to create intense attraction with men?Enter your best email address below to get these free lessons. My wife was telling me about her recent visit to the doctor and about the test results for her recent health challenges.
Actually, I can pretty much guarantee it, because the simple fact is, men lie to women all the time . Love is supposed to be so simple and easy, you meet a really handsome man, the lightening bolt hits and you fall head over heels in love with each other. 7 Ways Keep Him Interested In Bed I got a lot of comments on Master Your Man about how to keep a man interested or compel him to be more interested in his partner.
Turns out that having a small dress size could be the key to having more sex in marriage or your relationship. Men are simple creatures with simple needs…just like a pet dog (horrible analogy but it works).

Here are some quick tips on what men like in bed to make absolutely sure your man is fulfilled.
If it’s a fairly long term relationship (past the honeymoon phase) figure out what you used to do when you first met, when there was a spark, because what you were doing then worked. Most women don’t necessarily keep a pair of ‘hooker heels’ at the ready in the back of their shoe closet, nor do they sport stilettos to the office Monday mornings for work. One of the most frequent concerns I hear from women aside from how to attract a man is how to keep a man interested.
GUEST Article by The Lovely Lucy Well surely every girl here knows how to tease a man when he’s with her but what about when he’s not around? What makes the most sense is to go shopping with your man and have him smell samples to see what kinds he likes the best. Whether your keep your garden bald (which would be no garden), or just short and well-trimmed, bare underneath is always appreciated. A few things that will always work is a crotch shot of you in a sexy pair of panties… no guy can resist that.
You can always go back to regular 69 and give him head, but I find that the upside down type of blowjob that a 69 requires just doesn’t work right.
A lot of men love going down on their woman, so another way to keep him interested is periodical rewards.
I interview author and sex expert Kim Switnicki about how to talk to your man about sex without hurting his feelings and bruising his ego. Most women I talk to want to discuss all the different possibilities, nuances and different kinds of guys. Think about the wives and girlfriends who wait for their man who come tired after a long day. Brushing your teeth beforehand is always a good move, but nothing beats gum when it comes to actually having fresh, kissable breath. And don’t feel like you need the full-on lingerie costumes such as thigh-high stockings, garters, and a bustier.

A common issue in couples that have been together a long time is that the man starts slacking off on the extra work it takes to please his woman- usually with foreplay- to the point that he does a half-ass job or trys to avoid doing it at all. I know, I know… why can’t he just do it and enjoy it because it makes me feel good? I’m sure a lot of people out there have figured something like this out, but my wife and I evolved into doing this because she refused to let me get away with a half-ass job at foreplay. This can mean giving him amazing head for a minute or two and then letting him resume his duties, or it can be letting him enter you for a few minutes. Will understanding what gives a man the most sexual fulfillment help take your own pleasure to new heights? You bat around a few other ideas while he flops on the couch, preparing to watch Wedding Crashers for the zillionith time. Master Your Man presents 8 priceless erotic Valentines Day Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend or Husband ideas that will make your man happy and won’t break the bank.
He, is lying on his side next to you with his head in your crotch region, and his crotch region by your head.
I feel like 69 is one of those positions that everyone thinks they want to do, but in reality there are just logistical problems. It makes him see your sexual goddess side if you’re the one that takes control sometimes. Then, the big difference is that you give him a handjob (not just any handjob- a great one) while he goes down on you.

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