When you are presenting to the board of directors, your audience is often comprised of subject matter experts in business functions, technology, or an industry. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
A clear insight about the matter of presentation will make you comfortable as well as confident when speaking before the audience.
Keep in mind, it’s not only about the presentation slides, but it’s also about how to present it.  Follow the above tips and deliver a great presentation to your audience.
We tend to focus so much on the presentation itself that we miss opportunities to learn from our audience in the months and weeks before and after. Your urging to stick to the headlines worked well, not only in compiling the presentation but also in delivering the message. It will help you decide what to include in the slides and what not to, what to speak, how to convey and how to answer to your audience.
The idea is to generate curiosity about what you are going to speak and you will be rewarded with an interactive session.

Our ability to meet them at that intersection sets the foundation for an effective meeting. Adding more documents to the board book or worse, your presentation, only dilutes your most important messages and places a greater burden on your audience. How can you reach out on an individual basis to find out what resonates and what remains unclear? It’s incredible what boiling down stacks and stacks of information into a few points (or even just one!) can do for the absorption of the message.
If the subject is vast and you take all of them in your presentation slides, then you are about to let your audience sneak away. The problem arises when an imbalance of knowledge, known as information asymmetry, is so significant that it makes providing and understanding context difficult.
Devote more time to thinking about what they need to know about your company, and then prioritize the most important information across all of your presentations. They sit through consecutive presentations and must decipher what the speaker is referring to, rather than thinking about how they can offer guidance.

The NACD report recommends scheduling site visits for directors so that they can meet other managers or your front line. As boards expand their role from one of compliance to advising on strategy, solving for this problem becomes more important.
In fact, in a report on Asymmetric Information Risk by the National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD) and McGladrey Associates, one of the red flags was information overload. Although you might use your acronyms on a daily basis, chances are your board members do not (the same is probably true for your investors and customers).

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