Do you want to learn the secrets of really engaging your audience and getting your message across? Presenting with Impact is specialized in training highly educated professionals, such as consultants, company directors, scientists, policy makers, PhD students and computer scientists.
To present professionally and effectively you also have to be conscious of how you present and the contact you make with your audience. Presenting with Impact is geared towards guiding highly educated professionals in this process.
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A perfect way to do this is to increase your visibility by presenting in an effective and professional manner.
A a€?content onlya€? presentation, however, will not be enough to convince your audience of something or to get your message across. By using a step-by-step approach to develop presenting skills, people who complete the program become clear and engaging presenters. Only after an exercise of 15 minutes, my presentation has become far more effective”. Do you want to learn the secrets of how to engage with your audience and how to get your message across? Presenting to an audience is often necessary, if not crucial, if you want to attain more in your work. Nowadays, authors have to present themselves to the public if they want their books to be sold.

Areas covered range from preparing a presentation to dealing with nerves and handling questions. Scientists needing a sponsor or a grant for a new project will generally have to present their proposal to a committee. Or imagine trying to convince your board of directors to support your new ideas, or simply leaving a good impression during an important conference.

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