101 MIND-BLOWING DIRTY TEXTS That Were Originally Custom-Created For An A-List Celebrity To Use On Her A-List Celebrity Boyfriend– Now Available To You! Need to PROVE to your man that YOU AREN’T the SEXUAL STALE CRACKER he thinks you are?
Want to SHOW THAT BEOYATCH, who’s hanging around your man like an alley cat with her mangy tail in the air, how it’s really done?
Guys NEED hot sex to stay loyal and in love, and if your sex life has gotten dull, or never quite got off the ground, now’s the time to turn up the heat in your relationship. As a gal who’s into dudes, I can’t tell you how much time I’ve spent online and the amount of dough I’ve forked out for magazines to read up on how to talk dirty. Turn sorry saps everywhere into babbling small boys who’d stupidly do anything for pink parts! Sure, he says he appreciates your sweet attempts at being sexy, but deep down inside, he might just be telling himself, “I wish my woman would understand how much I need it to be sloppy, stupid, dirty and downright wrong.
Being dangerously addictive is all about the tease!  Women who can compel men to do ANYTHING know that being a great lover starts and ends outside the bedroom.
To seduce your man, you have to understand how to use language and a creative imagination to impress him and turn him.

My List, 101 Dirty Text Messages To Send A Guy, Was Originally Created For An A-List Celebrity Friend Who Wanted Her A-List Ex Back! I personally created this list for a famous actress-friend (everyone knows who she is) who wanted to get her celebrity boyfriend (everyone REALLY knows who he is) back in her arms. I got her permission to use these texts I wrote for her to use with him (she paid me over 100$ to come up with these texts) and now I’m offering them to you for a fraction of the price!
A real sexy hunnybunny who knows how to drag a happy man around by his cock-a-doodle DOES NOT do things like leave rose-petal pathways from the front door to the bedroom, or buy stiff, itchy lingerie and stumble around the apartment in it. In 15 minutes from now, you could have the lists, be planning your attack tonight and getting yourself all geared up to talk nasty and tease him like he didn’t even know was possible.
You’ll have to pry him away from your pussy with a pitch fork.  He will become addicted to your smell– so much so that he will actually want you more when you are sweaty from the gym and your pheromones are more potent. Yes, it can be uncomfortable being sexual and saying and doing outlandish things to tease your man, but if you secretly want to do them and they don’t go against your morals or beliefs, you have to suck up your bashfulness and try. The reality is that sex is too powerful for most men to stay in a relationship that DOESN’T sexually satisfy them. I know there will be at least a few dozen sexts on the list that will really get your gears going and will make you into the kind of sex kitten he’s always dream about!

For the price of a so-so bottle of wine you can have a list of words that will blow his mind and hold his interest long after alcohol would. Heck, these sexts are so naughty and wild, you can spread them out over a year or more, only using one every week or so.
Further, it does not warrant that transmission of the materials will not be interrupted nor does it warrant that the materials will contain no errors nor that they will be accurate. But there are a lot of men with minds far too raunchy and nasty to be sexually satisfied by the average Suzy Homemaker’s attempts at being sexy-cute. He used to blame his crazy work schedule, but then I realized that if he wanted to see me, he would find a way. Kristina Marchant's products are not substitutes for professional help and she highly recommends women who feel unsafe in their relationships with men or feel that they are a harm to themselves or others should seek professional help immediately.

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