An online school is a completely different monster than you would encounter in a traditional setting. Doesn’t sound like a very efficient way of taking notes now does it?  Whether you have been a victim to your own chaos or are just starting out, this guide will show you how to take notes like a pro, all the while confident you will be able to reference, study and understand them when the inevitable test comes along. The reason you take notes in class is to have a written record, in your own words, of pertinent information and important thoughts regarding the information thrown at you by your professors. When you are taking notes for class using pen and paper there are many different styles of writing and organizing notes.  You need to find your own system that you are comfortable with and can continue using effectively.
This system is ideal if you are much more adept at writing notes in a quick and legible fashion.
This system is also ideal when you are taking notes on a research paper from reading books, articles, listening to oral histories, or any other form of information gathering you might find yourself doing. For those of you who are on the road, in the air, or not in a position to be carrying around a lot of paper and books to continue your education, taking notes in a digital form might be ideal for you.
Two of these apps, Evernote and Simplenote, are very similar but have enough differences in order to warrant me using both together in harmony.
After all the notes have been taken and the class is over, I will organize all the different notes into folders called notebooks on the versatile app, Evernote. Finally, if there are large notes or papers, and I mean several pages large, I have to deal with in a class, I will store these in folders similar to Evernote but in Dropbox.
What makes these apps so amazing is that they are not only used for personal computers, but in this new age of mobile computing, they all have apps for computers, tablets and even smartphones. Android (like me) – Dropbox and Evernote have First Party Apps but Simplenote hasn’t quite caught up to the trend. Every single app I have mentioned in this article are free on each system and only require an internet or cellular connection to download and interact with. Note: This is shown using Office 2010, but similar steps can be taken with the 2007 version.
You know have a powerful method to organize all your PowerPoint lectures and notes on those lectures in one place. Each Notebook is on the left side, each Section at the top (IPE, ACS and ID) and each Page on the right.

I can’t find the option to send my ppt files to onenote…is there some configuration I have to do beforehand? Kat- there is a little arrow at the top of the menu screen that should display Customize Quick Access Toolbar.
Is there anyway to resize all the power point images in one click after you have imported them into one note, instead of doing it image by image. I’ve been doing the same thing for a while now, but I cant figure out how to add the notes that come with the ppt as full scale. Even though, in an online school this is generally not done in person, information may be given to you in large segments, at rapid-fire speeds, or heaven forbid – both.
Take the notes and write the surrounding information after the lecture is over when you are reviewing your thoughts and gathering more information. Then I will go back through and organize, clean up the grammar, or edit the note altogether if so warranted. Each notebook can contain an infinite number of notes that can contain several different things from text, pictures, markups, and location markers. This is a free cloud storage app that allows you to upload just about anything in a generally accepted file format. While I know everyone does not has the same system out there, I will give you all a list of the most common systems and the best apps for each program. Simplenote is an online Web App which means it’s a program that is run online, which unfortunately means you need an internet connection on your computer. They also all come with free accounts with limited space, or purchase significantly more space for little cost.
As you’ll see below, I open OneNote and all my notes are inside, easily accessible by tabs. OneNote saves continuously and saving it to my Dropbox means I never have to worry about losing my notes. Everything in the PowerPoint slides and everything I type is searchable, meaning I can easily find every lecture that contains a certain keyword. You can see how easily I can click through each lecture, and then scroll down to review it.

Not the one where you change the printer setting to print the notes page, because it makes the images too tiny. In order for you to understand what you wrote down later on for a test or research project, there has to be some form of organization. The middle is used for the notes themselves with paragraph breaks after each note.  There is a summary at the bottom and the most important part, the reference marker, goes on the left of each note for quick scanning and searching of the notes. It does not have the ability to edit the files online, but you can download them onto your computer or device and do what needs to be done.
Dropbox comes with 2GB initially with the opportunity to increase to 16GB through different offers and promotions. I usually print 2 slide handouts making them a little smaller when they show up in OneNote. You can repeat steps 3-9 for each PowerPoint lecture and create new sections for different courses.
I tried changing the image size on ppt using the notes master but when I print it still the same format, with the tiny slides. For taking notes, there are two ways you can do this: analog or digital, writing them down on paper or transcribing them into some note organization system online.
There is nothing to distract me, nothing to take my focus away or anything that might put a damper on my studying.
All of which are collected in a Notebook Stack, which is just the fancy name for a folder of notebooks. You can name it whatever you like- my notebook for medical school notes is creatively titled “Medical School.” A tab will show up on the left side with your new notebook after you click Create Notebook.
I separate my courses by section, so my course name goes here (for example “Anatomy” or “Infectious Disease”).

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