Some, clearly the children who have been especially well-behaved this year, are deeply heartfelt, requesting gifts for family members before themselves.
And Yvette, who wants nothing more than a Droid 2610 smartphone, helpfully informs Santa that it is available at Verizon.'Please text my Dad. Wishing upon a star: One extensive list includes requests for a puppy, Shania Twain CDs and a colouring book (left).
But, she adds, it is up to Santa to decide whether Mitch would be deserving of such a gift, given that he is bad-tempered, messy and doesn't like to read.Other letters among the site's selection, it would seem, were penned by grown-ups venting their own frustrations about the Christmas period.

Well-researched: Yvette wants a smartphone, a particular one, and even informs Santa where he can find it (left). Threats: A very professionally produced ransom-style note (left) includes a picture of Rudolph's red nose in a jewellery box.
The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Others are rather more demanding - even threatening, with one even taking the form of a ransom note.

In addition to the usual dolls and bicycles are requests for 'five-feet-long hair and a real elf' and 'a coloring book, crayons and a new swimming pool'.One seems to have developed a penchant for hunting, asking for a full kit as well as an iPod, and another writer even wants to be turned into a dragon.

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