Se enlisto en el servicio militar el 26 de Abril de 2016, se espera que salga en enero de 2018. Last week, Kim Woo Bin was paired with Yoo Jae Suk, and Lee Kwang Soo with Rain, but this week, partners were switched to turn things up a notch. For one of the missions, the pairs were required to protect the water in their cups from spilling. However, it was just announced that Lee Jong Suk has come down with the swine flu and will put a temporary halt into his activities. Because of the holidays and all, it's a really slow news week, so here's a new image from Iron Man.
Kim Woo Bin and Lee Kwang Soo tried to cheat by drinking water from another source and holding it within their mouths, intending to add it to their cups when no one was looking if some water spilled on the trip.

Kim Woo Bin sheepishly followed along, even trying to dance in his spot along with his partner. On February 19, the show announced that Kim Woo Bin and Lee Jong Suk will be joining him as the other celebrity guests. It's just like the first image shown of the suit, except they somehow managed to make it even less interesting. For nearly the entirety of his relationship with No-ra he has tried to mold her and their life to cater to his lofty career aspirations.
In a narrow space, Park Tae Kang firmly grabs the hands of Hwang Ji An, and gazes at her with a deep eyes.
Kim Woo Bin also tattled on his partner, confessing that Lee Kwang Soo also tried to cheat in the beginning but was stopped in his tracks by Rain.

Whereas before he was standing with one foot raised--poised for combat, I guess--in front of some smoke, now he's just standing there, still the foreground for smoke. Hwang Ji An stares at Park Tae Kang with a not yielding momentum, at the intimate moment of the lips of two persons are about to touch, the tension of the plot also rose, attracting expectations. Once again his plan was foiled by Rain, who noticed that there was more water now in the cup than what Lee Kwang Soo started with.

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