Here are my three PowerPoint Don’ts to ensure you won’t put your audiences to sleep! PowerPoint was designed for visuals – images, charts, drawings – so make sure you include lots in your presentation. For inspiration on making really great presentations, we love SlideShare’s Slides That Rock. If you have a lot of data to share, give a handout after your talk (not before, or your audience will spend the entire talk flicking noisily through your handout, when you really want them to be listening to your three points).
About the Author: Founder and CEO of English Trackers, Bridget Rooth sometimes moonlights as a conference interpreter. Who are these so-called experts?Professional editors who have passed our ridiculously stringent recruitment test. What’s here for me?Tons of instructions and information on how to write for business. This presentation explains how to write a research proposal, including the purpose of the proposal, what to include, the structure and common problems that are encountered by students as they research or write their proposal. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Write On is an intermediate writing skill development course for learners of English Language from Compass Publishing.
I always liked the work of Allison Druin, from the Human Computer Interaction Lab at the University of Maryland very much.
The Audio Is Now Available For This Most Informative Presentation I Had The Opportunity To Attend.
Abstract > For many children (ages 2-12) in the United States, mobile technologies are now an integral part of their everyday living and play experiences.
I will demonstrate some of our newest work at the Human-Computer Interaction Lab in mobile collaboration and intergenerational mobile storytelling.
She is the author or editor of four books, and her most recent book was published Spring 2009: Mobile Technology for Children (Morgan Kaufmann, 2009). The seminar, which takes place on the Elluminate platform, is on Mobile learning and Augmented Reality, with presentations from Mark Kramer and Same Easterby Smith, both of whom are leading developments in the use of this technology for learning. Pekka Kamarainen noticed the queries on Twitter and kindly provided me with an English translation, reproduced above. I have written many times about Assessment for Learning and the self assessment or evaluation of learning. So practical examples are always welcome and I was lucky enough to see today the self evaluation of one of my friend’s children in a school in Bremen (reproduced above). Seems pretty cool to me (even if a little overly emphasising behaviour and conformity) and much, much more useful than the UK Standard Assessment tests (SATs). We have a large archive of papers and books to which one or another of us has contributed at some time or other. We did have a go at it a year and a half or so ago and Dirk spent ages trying to get the system working using bibtext.
We said: Europe UNLOCK-Ed wants to create an open, interactive, user-generated online knowledge database on topics addressed by lifelong learning projects and programmes. The SNS will be based on Open Source software and will include different areas for peer participation. A handbook on the use of participatory media for innovative dissemination and exploitation of programmes and project results will be a direct output of the development of the training course carried.
The open e-Journal platform will be based on open-source software with advanced search facilities through the use of collaborative meta-tagging.
A WP consisting in exploring the thematic of Online Copyright and Intellectual Property Rights with the help of an expert in this area. A event focusing on the organization of  a face to face event combining the celebration of the Open Access Day with the core purpose of the project. We said: The project targets at the creation of a framework in the development of innovative strategies for the dissemination and exploitation of European project and programme supported by Erasmus, Leonardo and Grundtvig.
The project will benefit projects across 3 of the LLP sub-programmes and so will celebrate a diversity of projects, from a diverse range of cultural and linguistic backgrounds.  Projects in countries other than those represented in the consortium partnership will be able to access the online resources offered by this project, regardless of cultural and linguistic background. We said: The project aims at building opportunities to engage and promote intercultural dialogue by linking key existing networks and communities together in an open forum for the dissemination and exploitation of lifelong learning projects and programme results.
The workshop mainly focused on the use of social software for learning, and coincided with the release of the excellent Taccle project handbook on the subject (will post link to PDF version in next couple of days).
You may remember a few days ago I lamented the lack of European survey data on how young people are using social media.

We will broadcast on Friday, Saturday and Sunday (2nd, 3rd and 4th of August) from San Marino. According to the TES teachers in the UK “are more likely to work unpaid overtime than staff in any other industry, with some working almost 13 extra hours per week, according to research. It finds funding and oversight bodies have been slow to address emerging financial and educational risks, with current oversight arrangements leading to confusion over who should intervene and when.
Skills Panorama, they say,  turns labour market data and information into useful, accurate and timely intelligence that helps policy-makers decide on skills and jobs in Europe. The new website will provide with a more comprehensive and user-friendly central access point for information and intelligence on skill needs in occupations and sectors across Europe. Maybe that also applies to readers of blogs, so to test the above theory, this post will only have three points for you to retain.
Statistics can be converted into charts or supported by images – much better than a table full of figures.
You should have a clear outline of your talk in your head, distilled down to a few key words. Her dream come true would be for all conference speakers to read this post and apply these three rules to their presentations! The slow way to perfection is years of study and practice; the fast way is to put it into the hands of our professional editors!Get an instant quote! The series provides learners with essential skills needed to improve their writing ability. She introduced the idea of kids being design partners in software development (kids as designers) and published on robots for kids and Emotional Robots to tell Stories together with James Hendler (2000). There are still young people who live in places where mobile technologies are just becoming affordable. Augmented and mixed-reality scenarios are now a common fixture of our technology arsenal of methods to acquire information about our surroundings. Assessment for Learning is the idea of formative assessment to support the learning process, rather than most of our present assessment systems which are designed to support comparisons or as a screening mechanism for entry into higher education or education and training or into employment. The idea that learners are able to evaluate or assess tehir own learning, often with a surprising degree of insight and accuracy.
In addition they provided courses to guide teachers in technological programmes that although simple once understood can be very difficult initially. None of it is going to be a best seller but some of the papers and books may be of interest to researchers, teachers, trainers or developers. And for papers we are thinking of using Scribd which seems to work pretty well with WordPress.
Wave is decidedly a collaborative environment and it is not easy to find open waves to join. Given that Pat and Shirley are working on the This Is Me project and I am working on the Rhizome project , both funded by Eduserve and both focusing on Digital Identities, we chose that as a subject.
But it was somewhat ironic on the first day of the week to receive an evaluation report on a project we submitted under the so called valorisation strand of the Lifelong Learning Programme which focused on the use of social networking and social software to provide open access to the results of projects. It was almost impossible to connect the feedback to the project – indeed I double checked the reference number in case they has sent the wrong review.
The use of static content continues to be the main focus which in many cases reduces the impact that projects may have, both sectorally with user groups, but also with stakeholders & policy makers.
The site will be open to all visitors and participants willing to engage actively, and will be able to register for a free account.
The handbook will compile relevant information and practices covered in the training course in the partners’ country languages. It will be open to the wider community and feature international publications focusing on dissemination of results of European programmes and projects.
An e-guide summarizing the main points concerning this issues will be the main output of this WP. It will aim to encourage the effective use of participatory media for dissemination and exploitation of project results. It seeks to instigate an open, cooperative environment linking important network and communities together in an open forum for sharing of practice and co-construction of knowledge in relevant topics of different educational sectors. It will seek to bring different levels of expertise together by connecting younger researchers and practitioners with senior peers across fields.
The project will make use of national agencies to link into existing projects offering them resources and training to give their projects a wider visibility especially at a policy level, ultimately supporting the achievement of wider impact and transference of project results on a larger scale. It is a big subject to deal with in twenty minutes and I hope that it at least was coherent.

Did I have any proof that such new approaches would motivate those students who are presently alienated by the schooling system. And that also is a herd question – although I do think the many examples of factory buildings converted for use as enterprise centres or design centres offers a vision of what could be done, given sufficient money. I am afraid to say that too many of the European funded projects seeking to introduce technology for learning are failing just because the project partners have little expereince in teaching themselves. And now along comes this presentation by Andrea Pozzali reporting on a survey of Italian students on just that subject.
Rosanna de Rosa, from UNINA, will present the philosophy and challenges behind the EMMA EU project and MOOC platform developed with the idea of accommodating diversity through multilingualism. Photos of your project, your team and your company convey so much more to your audience than words on a slide. Each word should trigger a point that you should be able to expand on naturally, in your own words. This emergence of augmented reality (AR) also has great potential to support individual and group learning. A  number of people commented that they did not understand German and furthermore, because the file was uploaded as an image, they were unable to use online translation software. Of course when they do this they own the assessment – it ceases ot be something that is done ot them but is part of their own reflective learning process. Then the sheets were passed to their two form teachers who also filled in the assessment in the right hand column. The launch for the handbook was held in Ghent, Belgium along with a day of workshops, which around 200 teachers and trainee teachers attended. And form time to time, I receive an email from people asking about where they can get a copy of one paper or another. And play we did – to such a degree that it was decided to copy what was useful and sensible to yet another introductions wave.
Pat posted a short text to launch the Wave, and then we all waded in commenting and annotating the text.
An e-guide, related pedagogical training, multimedia resources including e-journal & online events will also derive from this approach. It will be released in the SNS for open access and free use and distribution under a Creative Commons Licence. The event seeks to promote the project, provide hands-on opportunities to learn about the use of web 2.0 , online copyright and IPR to create a culture of open knowledge and sharing at national level . Diverse asynchronous and real-time interaction opportunities will be created for participants to share their projects.
Darco Jansen, from EADTU (European Association of Distance Teaching Universities), will talk about Europe’s response to MOOC opportunities. The stream URL to play in your application is Stream URL or go to our new stream webpage here SoB Stream Page. And then today there were individual meetings between teachers and the students to discuss the results. What is the best way for us to publish an archive of perhaps 200 papers, books and book chapters? It will also feature the LOCKSS box as to ensure the preservation of the e-Journal’s content in the long-term. My main themes were the need to develop open education and break down traditional subject barriers and institutional barriers to access to education plus the need to build on the new pedagogic approaches ot learning that social media and new technologies offer us. But this shows much promise – would anyone be interested in a (self funded?) project to undertake such a study across different countries?
In his or her view the job of a project is to assist the European Commission in managing ideas and project outputs – not to empower projects to develop their own networks.
However all it basically does is makes available a PDF file, albeit with quite a neat presentation.
A follow up question was as to whether any governmental, regional or even local districts have implemented my ideas. Of course the problem is that the research community knows little about this and they still tend to run many of the events. We now have a critical mass of teachers who are tech savvy and they should be taking the lead in such things.

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