Movies have a magical way of transporting the viewer into new fantastical places and offer experiences that many have never seen.
Over the years there have been many exception movies about teaching made; whether about innovative teachers or broken systems or comedies that mock the profession. After seeing the #BFC530 question considering how movies about teaching have impacted me as a teacher, I thought it would be fun to write about 10 movies that have taught me something important. Dead Poets Society - Never be afraid to break the rules if it means a better student learning experience. Mona Lisa Smile - We cannot ever judge our students based on what we see as it is seldom ever the full story.
Notes on a Scandal - It is importantly to maintain appropriate boundaries with students, especial those of the opposite sex.
Whiplash- Recognizing student talent is an essential part of our career but how we help to encourage and foster student gifts is essential. The Harry Potter Series - Although I could probably break down specific lessons from all of the movies, I think the most important one is that words are magic. Mr Holland's Opus - Although some of us have different aspirations than being in the classroom, it is possible to do what we love inside of it. There are many movies we can learn from as teachers and as we watch them there are many lenses through which we can change. The opinions expressed in Work in Progress are strictly those of the author(s) and do not reflect the opinions or endorsement of Editorial Projects in Education, or any of its publications.
We have an obligation, yea, privilege, to not only study the Bible for our own spiritual growth, we study it to help others learn more about God’s Word.
One reason to study God’s Word is so that we can help future generations to remain faithful to the Word!
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She is a National Board-certified teacher and the New York director for the Journalism Education Association.

Each film offers a different perspective about life inside schools that are worth exploring.
Whether ripping the pages out of a poetry textbook or bringing students outside to learn valuable lessons, Robin Williams' character challenged his students to really consider what learning means, especially if it made them uncomfortable. Set standards high and expect kids to rise to them because we know they can, even when they don't realize it. There is much to be absorbed from experiential learning, perhaps far more than rote memorization in the classroom. It is easy for young, impressionable students to get attached to teachers who they feel recognize them in meaningful ways. We can't terrorize students to do things our way, even if we think it will draw out the best in them.
We must teach the Bible in a way that will encourage our students to want to share it with their students, thus keeping on making disciples and teaching them what the Lord has taught personally and through His apostles. Someone taught the Word of God to whoever taught us, so let’s praise God for that and tell someone about Jesus ad His Word!
This movie reminds me of the power of what we do and how we can change the course of student lives by simply exposing them to things they wouldn't otherwise see or learn. It can't just be about sports or clubs, it has to be about becoming well rounded, respected people. Often, we don't get off to the best start with students and that has the potential to really challenge the relationship over time. We must be champions for our students, giving them outlets to explore what goes on for them on the inside and nurture what they find.
By providing students will rich opportunities to build things or play with things or create things, we are offering them chances to explore real world applications to skills and content that appear inside textbooks. Adolescents and younger are very impressionable and we have a duty to shine light on their talents and nurture them, not kill them. We model the behaviors we want students to emulate and the relationships they develop with friends and teachers will set the course of their entire lives.

By doing this we will ensure that we, along with the ones we teach have a firm foundation in God’s Word.
I hope to always force my students to question everything, pushing the boundaries of what is possible. We need to show kids they are capable of doing more than what their blueprints suggest and see each child as pure possibility. We can only accomplish this feat by ensuring consistent and clear expectations with a willingness to talk about why. If we keep an open mind and truly listen to what students say to us, then we can help them in the way they want to be helped and not in the preconceived way we think is best.
Teachers give of themselves personally, as does the teacher in the movie and it is that personal investment that draws students in and allows them to trust, so we can't be afraid to let students into our own lives. This movie really shined the light on an ugly reality that rarely happens (but can and still does) in our profession. With this in mind, we must intentionally make choices that make positive influences and not the opposite. We will instill a desire in our students to regard the Bible as God’s Word and to base their faith upon that standard. Getting involved with students inappropriately breaks a level of trust that can never be repaired. We must embody a love for the content we share with students and that can easily be imparted if we have rich lives inside of our field of study outside of school.
This movie also really shows the challenges of being a parent and a teacher and how balancing the two is extremely hard.

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