Quotes from Lezaan Prinsloo: I love you enough to fight for you, Compromise for you, and sacrifice Myself for you if need be.
At the end of September, 2010, Tropical Storms Matthew and Nicole struck the Haitian capital Port-au-Prince and took the lives of at least five people, injured dozens of others, tore off roofs, uprooted trees, and brought down power lines, while damaging or completely destroying approximately 8,000 tents that had been serving as temporary shelter for some of the 1.3 million people rendered homeless since the earthquake. A few weeks later, floods triggered by Hurricane Tomas claimed at least 12 more lives, after rivers burst their banks and washed through homes built in ravines near the capital city. With deep condolences and prayers, Supreme Master Ching Hai provided a US$15,000 relief fund and sent a relief team formed by our Association members from Colombia and Costa Rica to help the suffering families who were in desperate need of food and shelter.
During both relief operations, the team received warmhearted assistance from the Director of the Santo Domingo Civil Defense in the Dominican Republic, Mr.
On behalf of our organization comprised of 100 orphaned children we wish to convey to Master Ching Hai our infinite gratitude, the truth is that the support we received was very important, especially since more than 800 families had the opportunity to be provided with food which we value as very necessary. Our gratitude to You, there are no human words capable to express the feeling in our hearts to see so much kindness and love towards the most vulnerable people in Latin America, God will take into account everything, every child. FROM ALL OUR HEARTS PLEASE RECEIVE OUR MOST FELT GRATITUDE, ONLY GOD KNOWS HOW MUCH WE LOVE YOU AND WE’LL KEEP PRAYING FOR EACH ONE OF THE MEMBERS OF THIS ORGANIZATION.

Our appreciation, Haitian officials and United Nations personnel, for your caring efforts to help the disaster victims. Enough to miss you incredibly when Were apart, no matter what length Of time its for and regardless of the distance. Two of those who succumbed were children, buried in a mudslide at a post-quake refugee camp in Carrefour, where the earth under the makeshift settlements turned into spongy mud and lakes. On October 13, the team travelled to Port-au-Prince and delivered food to 850 grateful families.
The storm left substantial damage specially in the capital city of this country, where currently there are more than 1 million people living in tents, it was very nice to see our children smiling again when they got so many gifts, it was beautiful to see how the sisters from the Association came to assist, regardless of race, nor color, nor social status, they hugged as many families were given this assistance. With Heaven’s grace, may the Haitian people be protected in their recovery from this storm as we strive to eliminate such devastation through our eco-stabilizing endeavors. Luis Reyes, Director of the Civil Defense in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, helping with the distribution of the SOS flyers in Haiti.
Enough to believe in our relationship, To stand by it through the worse Of times, to have faith in our Strength as couple, and to never Give up on us.

Officials and aid groups working on reconstruction projects were on the alert and had dug drainage ditches around the camps as well as cleared canals in efforts to avoid further flooding.
When my family was hungry you sent us food, and now when my family is cold because of losing our tent you sent a new one for us. Today Haiti weeps over so much need, but Master Ching Hai and Her Organization is helping once more to alleviate these tears. Enough to spend the rest of my life With you, be here for you when you Need or want me, and never, ever Want to leave you or live without you I love you this much.

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