Though such songs were often full of cliches and pretty vapid, I have a soft spot for ones that are composed well musically, even if the lyrics are not particularly strong. He is shown below decks, where he also awaits his fate after trying to help others get to safety.
Bruce Ismay: He is sitting in a lifeboat several hundred yards from the ship, watching it go down and hearing the screams of those trapped on board. There is something I find aesthetically pleasing, I guess, about hearing good music at the end of a film I like (and even some I don't so much) played over the rolling list of names. I am completely the wrong voice to sing it; I wrote it for a Grace Slick-style female vocal, which it sorely misses (if anyone knows a Grace Slick-style singer, please let me know!). This is a three-part song, with each part sung by a different character lamenting his fate and the fate of the sinking ship (with the three coming together to sing the very end). Smith: He appears in his cabin, where, shell-shocked, he has taken refuge to go down with his ship. He is the first to realize the ship will sink once it struck the iceberg as badly as it did.

As with many things I have done, I never completed the full script of that idea, but I did compose some of the music: the tracks and partial tracks I already posted, and also a 1980s synth-power-pop-rock style song that most movies of the era seemed to have to play at key points, often over the end credits. The film was pretty much mid-80s junk, and the song is commercial pop through and through, and -- though it was very popular -- was criticized for being so at the time (those who remember Jefferson Airplane from the 1960s might view this song as a nadir and wonder what the heck happened to those guys). So, because this song was supposed to be the end credits song of the film I am imagining, I decided to make up an imaginary credits list instead of another picture video. He also realizes that he designed a special davit to hold enough lifeboats for everyone on board. Ismay is the businessman and White Star executive who thought of the idea to build the largest, grandest ship on the sea (and the largest moving object created by man to that point). This is the song for that movie, expressing the feeling Abby has in rediscovering the family she thought was lost.
But compared to a lot of the over-sampled music from today, it sounds pretty bright and fresh, and has an appealing beat, I would say. I may not have been thinking ahead to how small the image would be on YouTube and elsewhere, so I apologize for that.

He was determined to impress everyone with Titanic's size *and* speed, and is the one who goaded Captain Smith into pushing the engines to full steam ahead. I also wanted to find a video clip to start the sequence, but I discovered that they charge ungodly amounts of money to buy even 10 second clips, and I am far too cheap to shell out for that, so a still image it was! When he realizes the enormity of what has happened, and realizes rescue will not arrive before the ship sinks, he cannot handle it, and retreats to his cabin to await his doom. He is full of bravado, but when it is clear the ship will sink, he pusillanimously jumps into a lifeboat meant for women and children, and is allowed to leave with it. He leaves his more level-headed crewmen in charge of the evacuation before he drowns, and laments his decisions in his last few moments. As he sits in the lifeboat and hears the death throes he helped bring about, it clearly weighs heavily on his conscience.

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