The Wave multi-tool is Leathermans most popular model using features such as the updated one handed outside-accessible blades for super easy and fast tasks. With bit drivers diamond coated files a 154CM clip-point knife and tons more you can take charge of any situation with your handy dandy Leatherman. The Squirt ES4 by Leatherman was built to be the electricians companion but is perfect for everyone.
If youre going into the great outdoors youll want to have the Leatherman Signal Multi-tool at the ready.
The Leatherman LED Lenser F1W Flashlight is a new and improved design featuring top-quality LED with 500 Lumen clarity. The Leatherman Juice CS4 Multi-Tool is a pocket garage for versatile multi-purpose functionality. The Leatherman Micra multi tool is the most popular with you anglers out there hobbyists and handle-types love it too. The Leatherman Squirt PS4 Multi-Tool is an essential addition to your backpack and tool belt. A compact and portable garage for multi-utility the Leatherman Style PS Multi-Tool is a must-have for the professional skier and snowboarder. Do You Want Your Coworkers There?You don't have to invite everyone you know to your wedding.Keep the guest list small, so that you don't have to deal with people you can't stand, but felt obligated to invite.

This highly sophisticated Charge AL has 17 tools that help you do a wide range of repair jobs quickly and easily. The sleek Leather Skeletool has only the most necessary multi-tool features because sometimes thats all you need.
Electronics users gush over this product as well due to the handy spring-action needlenose pliers spring-action wire strippers as well as many other hand tools.
The new OHT collection from Leatherman offers stability durability and the ability to operate this gadget with one hand.
Features such as a fire starting ferro rod help conjure the primitive spirit and summon the flames thatll keep you warm all night long.
The F1 is waterproof has an electronic control with temperature sensor a tail stand and a glass breaking ring. Compact enough to fit in a purse or pocket this multi-tool is equipped with coordinating handles for each of the tools. With a awesome and simple 10-in-one tools; you get a couple of screwdrivers knife tweezers and nifty spring-action scissors.
Each tool in this kit is crafted with sturdy and reliable 420HC stainless steel with light 6061-T6 hard-anodized aluminum handles.
Crafted from premium quality stainless steel this multi-tool has glass-filled nylon material handles.

The Wave is a clear winner and gives you the versatility for any adventures or emergency youll be prepared. Spring loaded pliers life saving strap cutter oxygen bottle wrench as well as many more useful tools make this your best life saving friend. Its serrated blade and saw are kept in good shape with a diamond coated sharpener so youll never have a dull moment (pun intended) while a host of standard features: Needle-nose pliers wire cutters awl can opener and bottle opener keep the good times rolling. The various tools included are pliers cutters knife saw scissors awl bottle opener corkscrew and screwdrivers.
The multi-tool features a set of pliers wire cutters knife scissors screwdriver bottle opener wood and metal file. Tools included are pliers cutters scissors screwdriver tweezers nail file and bottle opener.

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