I suggested that, instead of tinkering with the female form, Playboy consider appealing to women by featuring men in the magazine. The sexologists Bergner profiles in his book are all working to peel back those cultural messages of how women should feel to find out what actually arouses them.
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Meredith Chivers attempts to peek into the cage by sitting women in La-Z-Boy recliners, presenting them with a variety of pornographic videos, images, and audio recordings, and fitting their bodies with vaginal plethysmographs to measure the blood flow of desire. Scattered across the party were issues of the June cover, on which Pomplun fingers a rotary phone in hair curlers and white panties, grinning broadly over her shoulder. Kim Wallen, who studies the sexuality of rhesus monkeys, the same species we blasted into space to test how the elements would affect human astronauts.

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