It seems that there was still a great need for more soldiers, because the next tactic depicted in Budget of Fun encouraged women to make the men in their lives feel obligated to go and fight. Based on these examples, it seems that for some young men the main impetus for going to war was tied up with a personal sense of honor and masculinity rather than only the stated need to preserve the Union or serve one’s country. This is a fascinating article and ties in with the theme of cross-dressing, a topic of endless fascination to myself and many other writers of historical fiction. September 4, 2014 262 Comments Tonight, my husband shared with me a poem that he found on Facebook. If you'd like to share this poem on your site please don't copy the above image but instead use the one below and link back to this page.
What a jerk and of course a man, Some men just don’t have the heart and feelings for their children. What a sexist remark Darlene ” of course a man” if the author would have been a woman you would have had nothing but praise for her insight, RIGHT? I’m a grandmother and the last time I spent a few days babysitting my three month old granddaughter, one night I had just fed her, gotten her ready for bed and darkened her room.

The Enrollment Act was passed by the Federal government to supply new troops to the Union Army, but this form of conscription caused a lot of unrest in the North and led to the New York Draft riots.
The law allowed for men to pay substitutes to enlist in their stead, but this led to widespread desertion.
It was sent to me by my eldest son because it reminded him of all the good times he had in his childhood.He is a new father and is experiencing that pain of time flying by too quickly.
She reminded me of her mom so much when she was that small and I couldn’t believe I was being given this wonderful gift again of being able to rock my little darling to sleep. It consists of over 600 newspaper clippings each containing a cartoon about any and all aspects of the Civil War. You are obviously misconstrued in either theology or just plain ignorant and feel the need to spread it. I wrote a similar poem myself and gave a copy to each of my four children, who are now grown and have children of their own. It was happy and sad at the same time knowing that, as the verses said, at some point those very special times would end all too soon.

So I just took everything in about that small space of time we were sharing to try to remember it and hold it close. I cry that he will never play with his four siblings, who have died before he was born (I cry over them because I miss them terribly and even though I am not responsible for their deaths, I cry because I could not stop them from leaving too quickly).
I cry at the sheer beauty that God has given me in this tiny human and the fact the He has graced me with him is overwhelming that it brings me to tears.
I cry as I hold my sleeping son sometimes, knowing that far too quickly he will be to big for me to hold in my lap. I cried tears of joy and shear relief when he was born, and I cried when I got to bring him home. A mother’s heart NEVER NEVER stops crying, praying, rejoicing or fearing for their child.

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