So, while the new year is still new, let me offer my five dating thoughts for fellow single parents. A company survey showed that the average user has 8 chats per month through the service and meets up with 4 people offline (!). It generates revenue through virtual credits, gifts, and freemium "super powers." Lots of money comes in through micropayments, including via SMS.
After three decades as a newspaper reporter, he’s trying to adapt to the social media world.

And the company has the third-most popular app on Facebook -- behind Zynga's massive hits CityVille and FarmVille -- with 45 million monthly active users. It's now run by COOA Bart Swanson, who has worked at GSI Commerce, EMI, and Amazon in Europe.
He’s matrimonially challenged with two divorces under his belt and is trying to do a better job at raising his 15-year-old son, Connor.
Don’t reveal deep secrets too soon in a dating relationship, but don’t hide important facts about yourself either.

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