All this man needs is a bit of hard work from him and motivation to exhibit bravery which may allow him to come out of his situation in a flash.
Mentioned here are some of the most inspirational quotes about life by great philosophers, various famous people, and great writers which may compel you to find a way to work around the problems you are facing and find solution to it. In the process, the one thing this depressed man should remember is that only he can work around his problems and face the reality, so that he can gather his stuff to face the reality himself.

He tries so hard in order to avoid going to a dark phase, but the sadness compels him not to do so. This depressed man needs his friends to tell him that he should not lose hope in himself and just keep moving on in life. He may witness an incident similar to his happen to another person, who might be able to cope up with his situation, in turn inspiring this person.

One thing he might do is to find a place inside of him where there is nothing else but joy, which may then help him to burn out the pain inside of him.

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