Effective marketing advice from a professional marketing consultant, trainer, speaker and author. Are you looking for new and creative ways to attract new customers & retain the ones you have?
Would you consider an affordable alternative to simplify Internet Marketing, yet earn you the highest possible results?
That’s why Bare Essentials Marketing has built an Internet Marketing Strategy tool to help you visualize all the different online ways you can reach your prospects. Your Internet Marketing Strategy – What mix of internet marketing services are right for you?

Most know that any internet marketing strategy begins with building a successful business website, but with so much coming at them simultaneously, many of them throw their arms in the air not knowing what to do. A solid Internet Marketing Strategy (road map) is required to put a web presence to work for you. It’s implementing several approaches at once to ensure your prospects, no matter what they do on the internet, recognize your brand and decide to purchase with you. A comprehensive Internet Marketing Strategy will consider everything from Successful Business Websites, Email Marketing Campaigns and Social Media Management. Only you know the true answer, but once the mechanics are mastered, do you really want to dedicate the hours required away from what your core competency?

If you’re looking for impartial sales and marketing guidance and ideas, you’re welcome to talk to me. Consumers and business buyers don’t liked to be pushed (do you?) The internet has disrupted entire industries, as you may know, to your cost.

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