A single mother is a mother who is almost solely responsible for the day to day in raising her children. Females, would you date a man that made you wait "90" days before he spent money on you???
He went from being on the front of Wheaties cereal boxes to wearing a dress on the cover of Vanity Fair. Even if you're not a single mom you know someone that some of these jokes and memes can apply to. The single mother meme on this page doesn't represent all of these situations but does poke fun by expressing what most people are too scared to say in public.

The jokes and memes in this section show before and after pics, comparisons to his daughters and screenshots of tweets in support of the change. Things like trying to get the baby to go to sleep fast so you can hook up, dating bad boys only and wondering why she's a single mom now and there are a few memes about white girls messing with black guys is a guaranteed recipe to becoming a single mom. Like the meme about the single mom who is constantly posting pictures to social media of her out clubbing, alot of nurses being single moms and things like raising a son on your own as a single mom and his first word is daddy.
There is even a Caitlyn Jenner meme with an image of Kanye wondering if Bruce is now his mother in law or his father in law. From here on out there will be more and more caitlyn memes and jokes popping up all over the Internet since it is one of the most viral topics today. We are still searching for the best and funniest of them all and will add them to this section.

You can come back to check them out and rate and share the current ones that you find here today.

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