Had a conversation with a German who was bagging on the American military following someone saying that we should fund NASA better. I obviously didn't hear the conversation, but it sounds like he is criticizing our current military, not the one that saved their asses over 60 years ago. Older generation (either WWII vets or alive during the war) are very appreciative to and love Americans.
I studied in Ireland for a semester a little over a year ago, and interacted with young people from all over Europe. When I went to Ireland I noticed the girls where amazingly beautiful, but not all that interested in American guys. I'd much prefer to spend money on a Mars mission myself, because I love that kind of stuff. George Carlin once said America was the only country which would bomb you back to the Stone Age and then spend a wad to bring you back.
I've been on a NASA kick since visiting Kennedy Space Center after Sebring, and it's astounding refreshing myself on the program. But it's like bringing that up opened the door that I am and all Americans are horrendous war mongers because a friend suggested we should fund a particular department of the military, NASA.

Germany's gone through two major regime changes (well, arguably one if you're a Wessie ) since then and a lot of people over here see the U.S. That all said, I may agree somewhat in principle with the uppity twit mentioned in the OP, but I would never get all up in someone's face over it. I would suspect that since Germany was on the wrong side and was led by the most evil person in recorded history that they might feel a bit squeamish about the subject. The French remind us every so often they took our side back in the days of George Washington. Usually the places where we did, the refugees are very appreciative of American intervention. But unfortunately there's just too damn many people out there who don't have our best interests at heart to just disband the military. We've never talked about the war, but I know from offhand comments that at least one of them thinks the Germans at the time were being complete idiots.
It is also folly to try to sweep it under the rug, so to speak, since those who do not study history are doomed to repeat it. They can fight their own damn internal wars, suffer under their own dictators, fix their own famines, clean up after their own natural disasters etc, we'll keep our military at home.

Remember that a person’s name is to that person the sweetest and most important sound in any language. For the most part, I tried to be go against the stereotype of young Americans abroad, and be calm, quiet and as rational as I could possibly be. In Europe, especially Germany but pretty much everywhere else too other than the UK, WW2 is something that most people would rather forget about or learn from as history than celebrate. We fought for independence from England in the 1700's and were attacked by them in 1812, they supported the losing side in our War between the States yet we came to their defense twice in the last century, the first time less than 60 years after the Civil War. It seems we big dumb ugly Americans have a 'we forgive and forget, and lemme help you out of this mess' attitude. Iranian leader) said about the Holocaust, it's obvious ol' Dwight knew what he was talking about.

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