I was curious about the 10 most popular baby names for girls in the United Kingdom – England, Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland – compared to the USA. These lists all include latest official releases of top baby names available at time of publishing. These are all the latest official top ten names available.  England, Wales, and USA only have updates for 2011 while Scotland and Northern Ireland have released their 2012 top ten baby names. In 1914 the most popular name for girls both in England and USA was Mary – quite contrary to nowadays when Mary didn’t even make the top 100 in England.
Mary still ranks as the number one baby girl name registered at birth in the USA over the last 100 years. For more inspiration, have a look at the top 100 girls names in 2011 for England and Wales in the word cloud. If you want your child to get in a private school in London then apply from the maternity hospital! Read here.
You can also find out the most popular boys names for 2012 and the latest available for 2013 – 2014 results will not be released until late 2015. Wild and slow nature stories, beautiful places to visit, and living creatively with camera, kids, recipes & books. Some of the links on this website are affiliate links - such as Amazon - which may result in my receiving a small commission (at no extra cost to you) if you purchase through them.
Iona (pronounced i-o-nuh) was the name of an Island that lies between Ireland and Scotland. Siobhan (pronounced Shiv-on) means “God is gracious.” Of all the Irish girl names, this one has become extremely popular in the United States.
Yseult (pronounced ee – solt) was the named of an Irish Queen, who was removed from power after falling in love with her husband’s nephew. A collection of Irish Gaelic names from medieval sources to give your historical neighborhoods a more authentic feel.
Speaking of last names, the majority of them are patronymics, names derived from the father?s name. Since the last names are different for men and women, you?ll need at least University or another expansion pack to use this mod as intended.
You'll probably also need to rename your sims through SimPE to keep the last names changing through generations. If you?ve never used a mod like this, simply unzip the Live.package and place it in your downloads folder. If, at a later date, you grow tired of my file, or find another you like better, simply delete it, and the game will go back to normal.
You must have the expansion or stuff packs listed below installed to use this custom content. So, you are looking for cute baby girl names and they must be as beautiful as your own baby girl. Today, several parents are choosing baby names that are feminine instead of unisex names for their baby girls, like Casey and Cameron.
A couple of flower baby girl names are Primrose, Heather, Poppy, Jasmine, Daisy, Rose, Violet, Lilac, Acacia, Clover, Fern, Dahlia, Blossom, Gardenia, and Petunia. A couple of old fashioned pretty baby girl names are Marnie, Helen, Ruth, Florence, Ella, Eva, Hazel, Clara, Josephine, Grace, Lillian, Viola, Lulu, Eliza, Ruby, Katherine, Charlotte, Flora, Georgia, Victoria, and Belle. These names are influenced or encouraged by romantic characters, and destinations of the past and names that sound like they should be in an amazing romance novel. What if you can have your baby girl’s first name found out, but cannot determine on a middle name?

We have brought together the following 10 suggestions for lovely and cute girl names that are in French: Amelie, Genevieve, Mathilde, Giselle, Giselle, Josephine, Sophie, Juliette, Colette, and Odette.
If you are interested more towards Irish names then here are a few: Fiona, Quinn, Kiera, and Teagan are all well-known recommendations for cute and lovely girl names. If you are trying to search for names that are a little glamorous or elegant, then here you go: Audrey, Scarlett, Bridgette, Ava, Penelope, and Marilyn have all belonged to gorgeous Hollywood actresses. If you want to name your lovely daughter after a special place, then here are some of the loveliest and prettiest place names used for baby girls: Sydney, Dakota, Brooklyn, Ireland, London, Paris, Charlotte, Alexandria, Florence, Aspen, Carmel, Eden, Sicily, Sahara and Vienna. Another problem is that few cultures have this practice of giving a child more than one given name. A couple of Muslim girl names are Shahnaz, Ayesha, Sara, Nadiya, Aalia, Haadiya, Huma, Kameela, Maha, Majida, Lamya, Najat, Noor, Safa, Raniya, and Reem. If you are still searching for the flawless pretty girls’ name, you should consider looking for names right from the languages of romance. You should think about your most beloved characters from romantic movies or novels for motivation when looking for a beautiful cute baby girl name. Turning Safe Search OFF may display content intended for mature audiences.You must be at least 18 years old to continue. Please enter at least one email addressYou are trying to send out more invites than you have remaining.
The content of my posts are things and products that I love, use, want or fit the aesthetic of Wild About Here. Not only do they have very powerful meanings, they are also supposed to bring plenty of luck in baby’s life! The legend states that she and her husband’s nephew fell in love with each other after accidentally drinking a love potion. Many people I know requested this mod for their games, and I?m happy to be able to provide it.
Men?s names contain ?mac? or ?son of? in their construction, while the women?s names include ?ingean? or ?daughter of?. You can use it in a Base Game set up safely, I?ve tested it, but everyone will draw their bynames from the men?s set exclusively, so for true historic accuracy, you?ll need a later EP.
To create a last name under this naming scheme, you'd take either 'mac' or 'ingean' and add it to the GENITIVE or possessive form of the father's first name. It gives the most popular male names in early medieval Ireland -- and it also gives the genitive form! Do you want cute girl names that are absolutely feminine and pretty just like your baby girl? It feels wonderful naming your baby girl after a flower that has a special meaning to parents.
They are simple and do not ever go out of fashion, so you do not have to get tensed about them being too contemporary. Isabella is at the moment popular, but also, there are other pretty names like Willa, Arabella, Layla, Isla, Jayla, Lila, and Delilah. On the web, there is a search engine named Advanced Baby Name Search and with that, you can search cute girl names. Also, you can think of certain objects you think  sound and look pretty and then decide if this could be rendered into a unique as well as romantic name. Two from the list of celebrities include: Cara Black, a professional tennis player and Cara Buono, an American actress. The original saint was known to care for sick children in Dublin and has a hospital named after him.

If you have forgotten your password, click here, or if you have forgotten your username, click here instead. It?s a collection of Irish Gaelic first and last names for Townies and NPCs, derived from medieval sources.
The remainder of the names are descriptive bynames that translate to things like ?the Black? or ?of Connacht,? and so forth.
Primarily I used the articles Dated Names found in O Corrain and Maguire's Irish Names , by Mari Elspeth nic Bryan, 100 Most Popular Men's Names in Early Medieval Ireland , by Tangwystyl verch Morgant Glasvryn, and Index of Names in Irish Annals , by Mari neyn Bryan.
Remember, you can only have one of this type of default replacement in your game at one time. If that bothers you, feel free to open up the file in SimPE and delete whichever names displease you. If you are about to have twins or have siblings’ daughters, it may just be a lot of fun in your family to name all the girls with flower baby names. Be inspired by a classic time with these baby girl names that are highly old-fashioned and beautiful. A couple of romantic as well as pretty baby girl names are Celine, Victoria, Lotus, Opal, Penelope, Valentina, London, Alexandria, Venice, and Scarlett.
If you do not find those interesting, other middle names mothers advise include Emma, Elizabeth Paige, Rae, and Lynn. Also, at times converts start wondering if they have got to change their non-Muslim names, and they also have a hard time at times  picking out a baby name, usually because they might not comprehend the Arabic name meanings.
It should not have a negative meaning ever, and should never be related to an un-Islamic practice or false deity. This search engine will also cut down your options to Spanish girl names, French girl names, as well as Italian girl names. Though the meaning seems depressing, it did not hinder this woman, or the following celebrity from becoming successful. I also used the guide on lenition for creating the softer feminine versions for the ladies? last names. Jamie Oliver is a celebrity chef and he has followed the theme of this floral baby names when she named his daughters, Petal Blossom Rainbow, Daisy Boo Pamela and Poppy Honey Rosie. For sure, they most probably do not have a lot of relatives that are Muslims so that they can name their babies after some Muslim people. The second name is the family’s name or the father’s name, and lastly the third name is the family or the grandfather’s name.
It should not necessarily be an Arabic name, but several Islamic names in practice are Arabic because of their sources. Bronagh Gallagher is an Irish actress who appeared in films such as Star Wars: Episode I- Phantom Menace and Pulp Fiction. Once the file is in place, all newly spawned townies and NPCs will be named using my lists of names. For instance, the Quran is an incredible source for beautiful names, as are the Prophets’ names, Sahabah names, as well as the names of Allah. Saying a name wrong can be compared to striking a wrong note in a song, it can be offensive to the listener. If you are interested in learning more Irish girl names or cute baby names in general you can always subscribe or like Babies Cute World Facebook page below and you will be inform of our latest names suggestions.

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